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High-quality solvent cleaning spray designed for the automotive industry for cleaning brakes, clutches, transmissions and other car parts.

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LIQUI MOLY Brake and Parts Clean AIII is made from a special combination of solvents to provide simple, safe cleaning and degreasing of car components. It has outstanding penetration properties which enable it to dissolve grease, oil, resing and tar residues quickly and easily. The solvent spray evaporates quickly and leaves the surface free from grease and other residues.


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How to use this product

Spray the components that are contaminated and allow them to drain. If necessary, spray the parts with compressed air to dry.

CAUTION: The product may attack paints and plastic components. Test compatibility by spraying in an inconspicuous place before application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Brake cleaner and brake parts cleaner are often similar products and can sometimes be used interchangeably. Both are designed to remove brake dust, dirt, and contaminants from brake components. However, there can be variations in formulation and intended use. Brake parts cleaner may be formulated to clean a broader range of automotive components beyond just the brake system, while brake cleaner may be specifically tailored for brake components. Always check the product label for recommended uses.

Avoid spraying brake cleaner directly on certain components such as the following:

  • Electrical components and wiring: Brake cleaner can damage electrical systems, sensors, and wiring. Protect these components from overspray or remove them if necessary.
  • Painted surfaces: Brake cleaner can harm paint and clear coat finishes. Take care not to overspray onto your vehicle’s body or other painted parts.
  • Plastic or rubber components: Some brake cleaners can degrade plastic or rubber parts over time. Exercise caution when using it around such components.

The best use of brake cleaner is for cleaning and degreasing brake components, including brake calipers, rotors, drums, and pads. It effectively removes brake dust, dirt, and grease, helping maintain brake performance and safety.

To use brake and parts cleaner:

  • Ensure proper safety measures, including eye protection and adequate ventilation.
  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Spray the cleaner onto the component you want to clean. Ensure precision and avoid overspray.
  • Use a clean, lint-free cloth or brush to agitate and remove contaminants.
  • Allow the cleaned area to air dry, or use compressed air if available.
  • Reassemble components once dry and ensure proper function.

Brake cleaner is not designed for use on engines and can potentially harm engine components, wiring, and sensors. It’s essential to avoid spraying brake cleaner directly onto the engine or any of its components. Use engine-specific cleaners for cleaning the engine.

The safety of a brake cleaner depends on the specific product and its intended use. Look for brake cleaners that are formulated to be safe for brake components and are compliant with environmental regulations. Products like LIQUI MOLY BRAKES AND PARTS CLEANER AIII are known for their safety and effectiveness.

Brake cleaner is generally not safe for painted surfaces. It can harm paint and clear coat finishes by causing discoloration or deterioration. To protect your vehicle’s paint, avoid overspray and take precautions to shield painted surfaces when using brake cleaner.

Brake cleaner can potentially damage wiring and electrical components. The chemicals in brake cleaner may deteriorate insulation on wiring and connectors. It’s important to exercise caution when using brake cleaner near electrical systems. Protect wiring and connectors from overspray or, when necessary, disconnect electrical components before cleaning brake parts.

Liqui Moly Brake and Parts Cleaner is versatile and can be safely used on most types of brake systems, including disc and drum brakes, as well as on clutch components. However, it’s always advisable to check your vehicle’s manual or with a professional for specific recommendations, especially for high-performance or specialized braking systems.

The frequency of using brake cleaner depends on your driving conditions and habits. For regular maintenance, it’s recommended to use Liqui Moly Brake and Parts Cleaner during routine brake inspections or when you notice a decrease in braking performance. This can typically be part of your regular vehicle maintenance schedule, such as during oil changes or tire rotations. However, if you frequently drive in harsh conditions, such as dusty or muddy environments, you may need to clean your brakes more often.

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