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LIQUI MOLY Motor Cleaner is an excellent cleaner for engines. It’s suitable for many engine oil, and can be used in cars without a toothed belt because it doesn’t contain any acids or other corrosive substances.

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LIQUI MOLY’s all-in-one Motor Cleaner is perfect for cleaning not just the oil residue left over out of old oils, but all that other bad stuff that may have been built up around your filters and pipes. It dissolves into any oil under pressure at high speed and can be used in all internal combustion engines without damaging seals or gaskets. The 500 ml bottle of this motor cleaner will last you long enough to clean up 5 litres of engine oil; testing has shown it works well with catalytic converters and turbochargers.


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How to use this product

Pour the contents into the motor by using the same place as when you change the oil. The contents can be added simply by removing the oil can and pouring them into there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean offers a multitude of benefits as an engine flush. Its advanced formulation not only dissolves oil residue deposits but also targets other contaminants, optimizing the engine’s overall cleanliness and efficiency. By doing so, it ensures smoother operation, reduced friction, and improved fuel efficiency. The cleaner’s action contributes to prolonging the engine’s life by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits that could otherwise compromise performance and reliability.

LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean is not just good but exceptional for engines. Its advanced formula is meticulously crafted to clean oil residue deposits and other contaminants that may accumulate around filters and pipes. This ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process, promoting optimal engine performance without causing harm to seals or gaskets. The cleaner’s effectiveness lies in its ability to enhance overall engine cleanliness and efficiency.

When performed with a high-quality product like LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean, engine flush is unequivocally beneficial. This engine cleaner is designed to improve engine cleanliness and efficiency without posing any harm. It dissolves harmful deposits, restoring the engine to optimal conditions and contributing to enhanced longevity and performance. The formulation excludes corrosive substances or acids, ensuring safety for internal engine components when used according to recommended instructions.

The engine flushing process with LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean is swift and efficient. After adding the product, allow the engine to idle for 10-15 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination. This idle period ensures that the cleaning action is thorough and effective.
Following this, change the oil and the filter to complete the process. The entire procedure, from adding the cleaner to completing the oil change, is designed to be quick and efficient, minimizing downtime and making it a convenient solution for maintenance.

The precise dosage of LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean ensures thorough cleaning without unnecessary wastage. This meticulous approach contributes to the product’s effectiveness in restoring optimal engine conditions. Compatible with all commercially available motor oils, it offers a hassle-free solution for users seeking a comprehensive engine flush.

LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean minimizes the risks associated with engine flushes. Its formulation excludes corrosive substances or acids, ensuring the safety of internal engine components. When used according to the recommended instructions, the risk of damage is negligible, making it a safe and effective solution for maintaining engine health. The cleaner prioritizes the well-being of the engine and its components, providing a secure method for comprehensive cleaning.

Among various engine flush options, LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean unquestionably stands out as the best choice for those seeking an effective and reliable solution. Boasting widespread acclaim, it has earned its reputation for unmatched cleaning capabilities.

This recognition is not merely a result of consumer reviews but also stems from the trust it has garnered among automotive professionals. Widely embraced in the automotive industry, LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean has proven its consistent ability to deliver exceptional results.
Its efficacy in dissolving deposits, preventing harmful buildup, and promoting overall engine cleanliness has positioned it as the preferred engine flush for discerning users who prioritize the health and longevity of their engines.

Yes, LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean is specifically formulated to effectively remove carbon deposits on valves. Its potent cleaning action targets not only oil residue deposits but also stubborn carbon deposits, ensuring a thorough cleansing of critical engine components such as valves. This results in improved airflow and combustion efficiency, contributing to overall engine health.

For optimal results, use LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean by pouring the contents into the motor through the oil change access point. The 500 ml bottle is meticulously measured to clean up to 5 liters of engine oil, ensuring thorough cleaning without wastage. This precise dosage makes it a cost-effective solution for maintaining engine cleanliness, providing value for users.

Yes, employing LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean as an engine flush can positively impact mileage. By eliminating deposits and contaminants, the engine operates more efficiently, leading to improved fuel combustion and, consequently, better fuel efficiency. Regular use of this motor cleaner contributes to sustained fuel savings and increased overall mileage. It addresses the root causes of reduced mileage by optimizing engine performance.

LIQUI MOLY Motor Clean is safe for turbocharged engines. Its compatibility with all internal combustion engines, including those equipped with turbochargers, ensures a safe and effective cleaning process. The cleaner dissolves deposits without causing harm to the turbocharger, safeguarding its performance and longevity. This makes it a reliable choice for users seeking a safe and efficient engine flush solution for turbocharged vehicles.

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