Importance Of Changing Motor Oil For Audi A3

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Every vehicle requires the motor oil to be changed after a set period of time. This is set in terms of miles or kilometers instead of years. For those having luxury cars such as an Audi, BMW, or VW getting a timely change can have a huge effect on the ownership experience. However, not all types of lubricants can be used in all cars, these must be according to set specifications and types, and using the right oil is a must. Even the filter has to be a suitable one. Accessing reliable web properties can provide valuable information on the importance of timely oil changes.

LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf High-Tech 5W-40 being poured into an Audi A3

What Is The Best Time For An Oil Change On The Audi A3

Changing the engine oil on time is the crucial. The car manufacturer recommends the number of miles, after which the motor oil has to be drained and a new one is to be added. For cars such as the Audi A3, the manufacturer recommends the engine oil and filter to be changed after every 4000 miles. However, these intervals may vary according to the driving style of the owner and if the cars have any faulty engine parts. Cars that usually need repairs in the engine tend to burn more engine oil than usual. Owners can gain temporary access to online resources to check the recommended oil change intervals for their Audi A3.

How Are Conventional Oil And Fully Synthetic Oil Different

Fully synthetic engine oil is manufactured especially so that it does not have impurities and has all the additives needed for a healthy engine. There is also difference in the viscosity. Carmakers such as Audi, BMW, VW, use fully synthetic in their specifications.

How Much Engine Oil Does A Audi A3 need

The type of vehicle mostly guides the amount of engine oil needed in it. V-8 engine cars are prone to taking more oil while smaller vehicles such as the Audi A3 need less. A 4 cylinder engine, like the one installed in the Audi A3, requires 3.6 liters of oil. Using a four-liter bottle of engine oil is enough for the change of an Audi A3. Some of the motor oil remains unused as well. Most modern vehicles such as the Audi A3 use fully synthetic engine oils.

Benefits Of Audi A3 Oil Change

There are endless benefits of getting the engine oil changed in time and at regular intervals. It is not a good idea to use up the motor oil to the maximum amount of miles, even if the manufacturer claims them to be very high. This is just putting in more work on the car engine than it is needed. Let us take a look at just some of the benefits of changing the engine oil of your car. Using the right oil is always recommended.

Better Fuel Mileage And Range

An engine has a lot of moving parts and these need to be slippery at all times. The slipperier they are, the less force needs to be generated and it leads to less fuel being consumed. This then translates to better range. In today’s times of ever-increasing fuel prices, it is best to change your engine oil at the earliest as soon as it passes the lower limit. Most drivers report a significant difference in the fuel average of their cars after getting the motor oil changed. This is even more important in modern cars as these have several metrics of engine performance on which fuel efficiency depends. The Audi A3 is among them. An engine that has been used for a longer time increases in viscosity and harms the engine.

A Cleaner Audi A3 Engine

Engine oil flows through and collects every dust and debris it can find. This is then taken to the oil filter and trapped there. The Audi A3 engine can lose its efficiency if there is a buildup of dirt and debris. More dirt and debris adds to the viscosity of the engine oil. This then does not stay confined and can go to the parts of the engine. No Audi A3 owner wants their vehicle to lose power or need untimely repairs just because they did not change the engine oil in time.

Prevent Engine Knocking

When an internal combustion engine fires due to burning of air and fuel mixtures leftover in the chambers instead of being done by the spark plug, this results in engine knocking. This is a common reason for damages and problems. Higher viscosity oil causes more knocking in the vehicle. Audi A3 owners that experience engine knocking often finds not changing motor oil as the most common reason.

Longer Engine Life

An engine of a car is extremely hot while operating, however overheating is a common reason for engines being blown. Changing the engine oil in time helps in avoiding overheating. If an Audi A3 overheats, it goes through significant damage to prime components. Getting the engine repaired from licensed workshops or ordinary garages can be very expensive and badly affects the ownership experience. Most Audi A3 owners only have the option of getting a new engine installed in their vehicles.

What Grade Motor Oil Does A Audi A3 need

The grade of engine oil depends on the type of engine and the life it has lived. Most commonly, it depends on whether the vehicle is a petrol type or runs on diesel. Vehicles that have lived a long life may require a different type of motor oil as compared to what was recommended by the manufacturer at the time of the purchase. Most Audi A3 engines require the 5W-30 grade engine made by a well-renowned company. VW specifies 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40 to be used in Audi models and specifically the Audi A3.

What Is The Cost Of An Oil Change?

Determining the price of a procedure depends on several different things. These can be the type of engine oil used, engine type, performance required, and the overall price of motor oil. The expense can vary depending on the price of the engine oil as set by the manufacturer. Then comes the way you decide to get the oil of your Audi A3 changed. Most Audi A3 owners do not go through the trouble of doing it themselves and go to service centers while others choose to do it at home.

What Are Engine Oil Grades?

The grades we use to label different lubricants are the measure of their viscosity. If the grade is low, it means that the engine oil is more fluid. If the grade is high, it suggests that the oil is thicker. The Audi A3 engine is recommended to be used with a 5W-30 oil as it has just the right viscosity .

What Vehicles Use The Same Engine Oil?

VW recommends that all Audi engines must be using engine oil recommended by the company and no other should be used. It means that most Audis may be using similar engine oils. Cars like the Audi A3, Audi S3, Audi Rs 3, and Audi 8P plus some VW cars use a similar viscosity oil and also in the same amount. It is so because these Audi models have the same number of cylinders in their engines and the oil is in accordance.

Audi S3

The Audi S3 model is having a VW four-cylinder engine similar to the Audi A3. It allows the car to use the same motor oil. A four liter Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 with Mahle OX 388D filter can be used. VW recommends that the oil change must be done after 3000 miles and no more than 5000 miles. It needs 3.6 liters of motor oil.

Audi RS 3

The Audi RS 3 model runs on a VW four-cylinder engine. This makes it similar to the Audi A3 and the oil, service, quality, and quantity needed are also similar in the two cars. The oil filter required on the two is also the same and it makes the sourcing of the parts quite easier. 3.6 liters of engine oil is needed. A four liter Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 with Mahl OX 388D filter can be used.

Audi 8P

The Audi 8p model is a subcompact style car which is a hatchback version of the Audi A3. It shares the same VW engine with the Audi A3 and hence the motor oil quality and quantity are the same. A four liter Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 with Mahl OX 388D filter can be used. Using a 10W-40 viscosity is not a good idea as the Audi 8P is not a much older model. It uses 3.5 liters of motor oil.

What Is The Best Engine Motor Oil

It is not easy to say which is the best engine oil. This depends on which type is needed for what type of car. For most four-cylinder ones like the Audi A3, the best option is to use the 5W-30 viscosity one. It is also used in many VW vehicles. This is just the right viscosity to keep the engine healthy and safe from overheating. Using engine oil made by well-known brands like Liqui Moly is often a good way to go. This makes sure you are always getting your money’s worth with each purchase.

Ordering Motor Oil At Home

Engine Motor Oil can be purchased through different means. You can simply go to a gas station or oil shop and get it. Most workshops have these in their garage so the customer can purchase them and get them changed on spot. However, going to the workshop adds to the cost of the oil change because these are often very highly priced as compared to online sources. There is also a chance of getting the wrong one that is not according to the VW specification. Another way is to get it delivered at home. Several automotive shopping websites give you the option to pay for motor oil online and get it delivered to your doorstep. This is a much more convenient and suitable way than to make a trip with just the purpose of purchasing engine oil. Just make sure you order the right viscosity. Websites like mycar.repair have these available and offer high value.

Can Engine Oil Be Changed At Home?

Contrary to popular belief, the motor oil of a car such as an Audi A3 can easily be changed at home. It is a very less complicated process and is done within an hour. Only a few things have to be done with care and the rest are just simple steps. A very small number of steps are involved in the process of changing the engine oil and so are the tools needed for it. Once these are purchased, they can last a lifetime, are always worth the price, and get you thousands in savings. It gives you a great feeling of being independent.

Tools Needed To Change Motor Oil

There are only a few materials that are needed to change the oil of your Audi a3 at home. These are the following.

Oil Filter: Mahl OX 388D for the Audi A3.

Motor Oil: Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 for Audi A3.

Standard Fuel Filter Wrench

Drain Pan

Jack and Jack Stands

Make sure the covers of the items are intact.

Changing Engine Oil At Home

Let us take a look at all the steps that are involved in changing the motor oil of your Audi A3 at home. You must cover all the steps.

Step 1 Raising The Car

After opening the hood of your Audi A3, the oil cap is to be removed. It helps the engine breathe and drains the oil smoother and quicker. Then the jack has to be used to raise the front of the car. Once it is done, jack stands are to be used to secure the car. It must be made sure that no one is beneath the car during this process as the weight of the Audi A3 can cause damage to the human body.

Step 2 Draining The Engine Oil

Once the car is secure, you need to get under the car and put the oil pan under the drain plug. The next thing to do is to loosen the drain bolt of your Audi A3. As the draining gets slower, the bolt needs to be removed completely and the oil has to drain completely. All the drops dripping need to come to a stop. Waiting for all of it to come out is essential as we do not want any dirt or debris still inside the engine. Make sure to cover the face.

Step 3 Replacing The Oil Filter

At the bottom front side of the engine, there is the oil filter of the Audi A3. It is very visible if you are beneath the car. The oil filter wrench has to be used to remove it. If this is not available, an adjustable wrench can be used as a substitute. Once the old one is off, the new oil filter gets installed. It is important to rub some oil onto the rubber seal so that seal gets soft and does not break with force and pressure. This step has to be done before the filter is installed onto the engine.

Step 4 Refilling The Engine Oil

It is important to make sure that the drain bolt is secured tight. If it is not done so, quick or slow leakage of oil can occur and this can lead to its wastage. This can also happen that the engine gets completely drained of oil without the owner of the Audi A3 knowing and it can have extremely bad consequences for the car. Once it is made sure, the engine oil is to be filled through the filler hole. The dipstick must be used to make sure neither too less nor too much oil is filled.

Learn more about servicing your Audi A3 with out other guides on the right coolant for Audi A3 and our Audi A3 service guide.

An old Mahle OX 388D oil filter being removed from an Audi A3

What Are Oil Filters?

These are found at the bottom of the engine and all the motor oil passes through them. There are very fine filtering materials found in them which help the oil keep clean and free of debris and dirt. If the harmful materials are left unfiltered, these can then be set on the different parts of the engine and cause unnecessary wear and tear before time.

How To Choose Oil Filters?

The type of filters is mostly set by the car maker. Most of these are the same for different car models and are not too hard to find. It is very convenient to order these from websites like mycar.repair. They offer high quality products and the best prices.

What Are Oil Additives?

Oil additives are colloidal solid lubricant suspensions that are mostly based on molybdenum sulfide. These form a high-load lubricating layer on the sliding and rubbing surfaces. It lowers the friction and makes engine operations smoother. This results in the better fuel economy of the Audi A3. The Liqui Moly Oil Additive is a good one for the Audi A3. These can be found at a garage or online stores such as mycar.repair.

How Do These Help The Car?

If an oil additive is used in the Audi A3, these help the car by reducing fuel and oil consumption, depleting deposits by high thermal stability, and lowering running in and operational wear. All of the benefits may sound minimal to many Audi A3 owners but these are of great value in the long run.

How To Use Oil Additives?

These can be added to the most commercially available motor oils for the Audi A3. It lubricates the engine, compressors, and pumps. 50 ml per liter of oil must be added to the engine. It can be added once the motor oil has been filled. You can save the rest.

What Are Oil Change Sets?

A benefit of purchasing engine oil from a website is that many outlets offer oil changesets. These give great value by adding a few additional items and accessories to the package that the Audi A3 owners would have had to purchase separately. This includes the basic motor oil and oil filters but may also have oil additives and other gifts. Hence on an ending note, it is always a better idea to go online and look for oil changesets as they also save money and offer free accessories such as the ones found on mycar.repair.

Volkswagen Engine oil Specifications

VW has released its own motor oil specification the mid 1990’s. These entail the suitable oil products according to vehicle age and type.

VW 500.00

It is multigrade specification for gasoline or petrol engines. Viscosity is SAE 5W-X/10W-X and works for engines made before year 2000.

VW 501.01

Another old oil for engines built before 2000. These are conventional motor oils.

VW 502.00

Made for petrol engines that are being used in arduous conditions. Must not be used in engines that have variable service intervals.

VW 503.01

Made specially for Audi S3, Audi RS4, Audi TT, and Audi A8. All of these have output of more than 180 horsepower and have a service interval of 30,000 kilometers.

VW 507.00

Engine oil for Euro 4 engines and most diesel engines made after 2000 having extended service intervals.

VW 508.00/509.00

It is made for better fuel economy and made for petrol and diesel engines. Recommended for modern Audi and VW engines like 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TDI CR.

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