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How To Change The Engine Oil On A Toyota Yaris

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This article will guide you through the steps to change the oil on a Toyota Yaris 1.2 model 2013-2019 also about using premium engine oils from LIQUI MOLY.

Applicable Model

Toyota Yaris, 1.2, 2013-2019, 4 Cylinder 3NR-FE 

Symptoms and effects of unchanged oil

Engine oils are carefully blended to ensure the proper level of viscosity, temperature performance and other properties needed for an efficient operating environment in all types of vehicles under various conditions. Each engine requires its own specific blend that cannot get compromised because doing so would cause problems with your engine’s performance.

Your engine needs oil to function properly. Without the right kind or by not changing it at the right times, it will overheat and wear out faster – sometimes with expensive consequences like shutting down or needing a replacement. Which could cost anywhere from £3000 to £12000 depending on the make, model, and engine type.

The best way to protect your engine is through proactive changes. By changing the oil and filter regularly, you can help prevent costly repairs further down the road. Changing it with higher quality brands like LIQUI MOLY can further improve the overall health of your car or truck with added benefits, such as extended intervals between oil changes when compared against normal synthetic oils. 

Changing the oil in your car is a great way to spend time with your vehicle. Minor issues can build up over time, so spending some minutes addressing them now will be worth it!

Which products do i need for a Toyota Yaris Oil Change?

Mark: Toyota (EU)

Model: Yaris, 1.2 (2013-2015)

Type: SLK 200 172.448 (2013 – 2019)

Engine: 3NR-FE

Engine Oil Capacity: 3.4L


Recommended Engine Oil: 4L LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 0W-20, for cars over 100,000km we recommend LIQUI MOLY Molygen 5W-30. 

OEM Filter: Mahle OC 534

Drain Plug: Copper Crush Washer

Recommended Oil Change Service Additives

Engine Cleaner: LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush

How much Does the Toyota Yaris Oil Change Cost?

Our Toyota Yaris 1.2 oil change kit includes all necessary products and starts at around 80EUR/Pounds. The kit includes the necessary amount of 4L LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 0W-20 or LIQUI MOLY Molygen 5W-30 oil, a new Mahle OC 534 OEM Oil Filter, and the oil filter housing cap seals.

The premium kit includes the LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush.

Oil changes are quickly becoming a costly habit for many people. Not only can you save money by doing it yourself, but it also saves you time. The typical car requires four to six quarts of engine oil every three months or 12 times for one change, depending on the quality of the oil. We recommend using LIQUI MOLY for its superior quality and engineering, as it protects your car the best but also allows for longer service intervals than the generic brands of oil used at workshops or dealerships. On top of that, dealerships and workshops overcharge significantly on their generic brands and you could expect to pay between 200 – 600EUR for a complete service which includes things like; oil waste removal fees, engine service light resetting fees, and a few more charges depending on the vehicle or the workshop. All these are unnecessary ways for the dealerships and workshops to make extra money and it actually makes little sense.

Also, when doing it at a workshop or dealership you will have to wait there for several hours before being able to use it.

Slip of how much oil change costs in UK
Send us your last oil change bill and get a 10% discount for your next order!

Still want to get the service and not DIY? Bring the products to your mechanic

Another option is to buy your own products like our LIQUI MOLY products. These will ensure better performance and lower costs as all you have to pay for is the 20EUR disposal fee and the labour costs, which is usually between 60-90EUR per hour. Using our package and the local workshop will work out to about 160-200EUR, which is still cheaper than using the lower grade oils from the dealerships or workshops. 

Be prepared for the mechanics when you bring in your products. Some dealerships will ask if it is really compatible with your car, to which you can confidently answer them YES. When buying from MyCar.Repair, you can rest assured knowing that these parts meet all original factory standards- we wouldn’t let them go without being sure fitment was correct in every detail.

Steps required to complete a Toyota Yaris 1.2 oil change

Tools required for an oil change on a Toyota Yaris

  • 14mm Socket
  • 64mm Oil Filter Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Floor Jacks
  • Jack Stands

Step 1 (optional): Clean the engine

LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush is ideal for cleaning and flushing out the oil circuits of petrol and diesel engines. Add LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush to the motor oil at running temperature before changing the oil. After adding the product, allow the engine to idle for approx. 10 minutes. We always clean up the engine with LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush because it will significantly help the fresh oil and also enhance the engine compression.

Step 2: Change the oil filter

The oil filter housing sits in the back. Use the 64mm Oil Filter Wrench to remove the cap and filter.

Pull the old filter off of the cap and clean the cap with some parts cleaner. Then, remove the o-rings from the cap and exchange them with new ones.

Pull the old filter off of the cap and clean the cap with some parts cleaner. Then, remove the o-rings from the cap and exchange them with new ones.

It’s a good idea to lubricate the new o-ring using the fresh oil. Reinstall the oil filter by following the reverse steps of removing it.

Step 3: Drain the oil

To avoid a vacuum during draining, open the oil fill cap and close the engine cover. Place the jack stands on both sides of the car so you can lift on either side of the car without worrying about it falling down and hurting you. Jack up the car so that you can get underneath it comfortably and then use a 14mm socket to remove the plug while keeping the oil pan under it which will collect all this dirty oil from your engine. 

Oil change kit for Toyota Yaris

After all the oil has drained, clean off any excess with an old towel. Then, place a new copper crush washer on top of your plug and thread it in by hand first before tightening up using either an adjustable wrench or torque tool – whichever is more comfortable for you! Once that’s done, just use a 14mm socket to tighten it down 30Nm.

Step 5: Refill the car with oil

Head into the engine bay and remove the oil filler cap. Then, pour in 3,4 litres of oil. It takes some time for the oil to move into the system before you can check the oil level. Wait 5 minutes and check the oil level on the dipstick. Also, another option is to add the LIQUI MOLY Oil Saver which helps to increase the overall performance of your engine and the oil effectiveness. Simply add this to your engine oil by pouring it after adding the initial 3,4 litres.

Depending on the result of the dipstick add in small increments of around 200ml until the engine oil is at the MAX level of the dipstick. Don’t overfill the engine oil! This can cause smoke and other negative side effects. Use a workshop paper towel to clean up any spills you may have made.

Step 6: Reset the service indicator

Sit in the driver’s seat and put the key into position one. Then, hold down the two center buttons on the steering wheel.

Select “Assist Plus” from the menu that appears on the center instrument cluster screen. Confirm that you’ve completed a full service and then hit “OK” twice. The service interval is now reset.

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