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The Mahle OC 534 Oil Filter is a part of the oil filter family for cars, trucks and SUVs. This filter fits most Asian and American brands.

Filter Specifications

OE Number

The filter is comparable to the following original spare part numbers: CHERY 372-1012010 CHERY JX0604 CHEVROLET 94840078 CHRYSLER 04105409 CHRYSLER 4105409 CITRO√čN 1109AZ CITRO√čN 1109Y4 CITRO√čN 1611540380 CITRO√čN 1613181380 CITRO√čN 1616399880 CITRO√čN E149065 CITRO√čN E149162 DAIHATSU 1150101610 DAIHATSU 15601-13011 DAIHATSU 1560113010 DAIHATSU 1560187104 DAIHATSU 9091510003 FORD 5010292 FORD 5012645 FORD A820X6714JA FORD A840X6714NA FORD EFL292 GENERAL MOTORS 93156670 GENERAL MOTORS 94840078 GMC 93156670 GUTBROD 09219068 JOHN DEERE AM101054 JOHN DEERE AM105555 JOHN DEERE AM107423 KAWASAKI 490652068 KAWASAKI 490652071 KAWASAKI 490652076 KAWASAKI 490652077 KAWASAKI 490652078 KUBOTA 1249932430 KUBOTA 6620436160 LEXUS 9091510009 PEUGEOT 1109AZ PEUGEOT 1109Y3 PEUGEOT 1611540380 PEUGEOT 1613181380 PEUGEOT 1616399880 PEUGEOT E149065 PEUGEOT E149162 SUZUKI T909151000900 SUZUKI T90915TA00100 SUZUKI T90918YZZJ100 TOYOTA 0892202003 TOYOTA 0892202005 TOYOTA 1560001010 TOYOTA 1560013011 TOYOTA 1560013050 TOYOTA 1560013051 TOYOTA 1560016020 TOYOTA 1560016021 TOYOTA 1560101010 TOYOTA 1560113010 VOLVO 834337


The Mahle OC 534 oil filter uses a patented spacer ring to tightly seal the filter canister, providing reliable engine protection even at higher operating temperatures. This translates into lower fuel consumption, less maintenance, less wear and tear on the engine and greater peace of mind.

This filter has been designed to work with selected models from Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Diahatsu, Ford, GM, Kawasaki, Lexus, Peugeot, Toyota, and Volvo.


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Why choose MAHLE?

MAHLE’s history in the automotive industry dates back to 1920 when they started out producing pistons for internal combustion engines. The company soon realized that they needed to come up with a solution for the engine so it would not get dirty from dirt and dust. At this time MAHLE developed a range of air and oil filters.

Today MAHLE are a world renowned manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts and around half of all automobiles worldwide contain MAHLE components.

After extensive research MyCar.Repair have selected MAHLE as their preferred filter manufacturer for our carefully curated shop.

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