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With the Mahle OC 456 oil filter’s improved filtration performance and durability, your engine will get a new lease on life. More clean, more engine, longer life. Trust Mahle for all your filtration needs.

Filter Specifications

OE Number

The filter is comparable to the following original spare part numbers: AUDI 06A115555B AUDI 06H115403 AUDI 06H115561 AUDI 06J115403A AUDI 06J115403C AUDI 06J115403J AUDI 06J115403M AUDI 06J115403Q AUDI 06J115561B CUPRA 06A115555B CUPRA 06H115403 CUPRA 06H115561 CUPRA 06J115403A CUPRA 06J115403C CUPRA 06J115403J CUPRA 06J115403M CUPRA 06J115403Q CUPRA 06J115561B GEELY 1016053926 SEAT 06H115403 SEAT 06H115561 SEAT 06J115403A SEAT 06J115403C SEAT 06J115403J SEAT 06J115403M SEAT 06J115403Q SKODA 06H115403 SKODA 06H115561 SKODA 06J115403A SKODA 06J115403C SKODA 06J115403J SKODA 06J115403Q VAG 06A115555B VAG 06H115403 VAG 06H115561 VAG 06J115403A VAG 06J115403C VAG 06J115403J VAG 06J115403M VAG 06J115403Q VAG 06J115561B VW 06H115403 VW 06H115561 VW 06J115403A VW 06J115403C VW 06J115403J VW 06J115403M VW 06J115403Q VW 06J115561B


The Mahle OC 456 oil filter meets all of your needs because of its compatibility with numerous vehicles, ease of installation, and high performance. With this oil filter, you can enjoy maximum engine protection. It features a sturdy housing that effectively holds the filtering material in place, ensuring that the oil pressure remains constant. This also prevents damage due to wear and tear on your engine.

This filter has been designed to work with selected models from Audi, Cupra, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen.


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Why choose MAHLE?

MAHLE’s history in the automotive industry dates back to 1920 when they started out producing pistons for internal combustion engines. The company soon realized that they needed to come up with a solution for the engine so it would not get dirty from dirt and dust. At this time MAHLE developed a range of air and oil filters.

Today MAHLE are a world renowned manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts and around half of all automobiles worldwide contain MAHLE components.

After extensive research MyCar.Repair have selected MAHLE as their preferred filter manufacturer for our carefully curated shop.

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