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An irreplaceable oil designed to increase performance, protect against wear and tear while adding a slick sheen to engine surfaces. It begins working immediately to prevent lubrication breakdown by reducing friction and improving snap-back response. Longterm Plus Oil will increase horsepower, reduce pinging and boost fuel economy.

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LIQUI MOLY Synthoil Longtime Plus 0W-30 a synthetic oil that provides both engine protection and performance. It helps quickly break in wear parts while maintaining and reducing friction allowing more efficient use of power. This lubricant is formulated with ester technology, which offers protection to the engine, driveshaft and transmission as well as the cooling system. Long lasting, Synthetic long time protection oil reduces friction for longer engine life. Recommended for diesel engines up to 5L.


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Components for the perfect oil change

A good engine oil change service does not stop at choosing the right oil. Flushing the engine before adding the new oil and using beneficial additives are also crucial to take care of your car. Ā 

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MyCar.Repair only recommends premium car engine oil andĀ LIQUI MOLYĀ is Germany’s number one engine oil and additive brand. LIQUI MOLY have been making lubricants and car products since 1847.

LIQUI MOLY products have achievedĀ approvals from manufactures such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Toyota and are regarded around the world as the highest quality lubricants you can use in your car.

Once you use LIQUI MOLY products you will feel the difference in your car.

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