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LIQUI MOLY Air Flow Sensor Cleaner will protect sensitive components from premature wear or damage caused by dirt, dust, moisture and other contaminants from entering through vents around the air flow sensor.

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LIQUI MOLY Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is a special active solvent that removes dirt, grease, and soot. The powerful cleaning also distinguishes itself from fast evaporation without residues. It’s good for everything from the faulty hot wire to the dirty plate in the airflow sensor, which leads to incorrect measurements of the fuel-air mixture or other malfunctions of engine components. This exclusive cleaner attaches itself to dirt while not damaging the delicate parts that make up the airflow meter.


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How to use this product

Disconnect the electrical connection of the airflow sensor and remove the sensor. Spray generously onto dirty components such as the hot wire or hot plate and allow the dirt to drop off. Do not touch the sensitive components of the sensor. Allow the solvent to dry completely before installation. Application is recommended every time the air filter is replaced or when problems arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can clean an air flow sensor, which is often referred to as a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Over time, MAF sensors can become contaminated with dirt, oil, and debris, leading to inaccurate readings and reduced engine performance. Cleaning the MAF sensor with a specialized product like LIQUI MOLY AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER can help restore its functionality and maintain engine efficiency.

It is not advisable to clean a MAF sensor with electrical cleaner. Electrical cleaners may leave residue or contain substances that can harm the delicate components of the sensor. Using a cleaner specifically designed for MAF sensors, such as LIQUI MOLY AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER, is the safest and most effective way to clean and maintain your MAF sensor.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning MAF sensor can encompass various issues, including poor engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, rough idling, stalling, hesitation during acceleration, and the illumination of the “Check Engine” light on the dashboard. These symptoms often result from inaccurate readings provided by a faulty MAF sensor.

Air flow sensor problems typically refer to issues with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. These problems can arise from various factors, including contamination from dirt or oil, physical damage, or natural wear and tear. When the MAF sensor is not functioning correctly, it can lead to an array of engine performance problems.

When the air flow sensor is dirty, it can provide inaccurate readings to the engine control unit (ECU). This can result in the ECU delivering the wrong amount of fuel to the engine, leading to issues such as poor engine performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and potential long-term engine damage. Regular cleaning of the MAF sensor can help prevent these problems.

There is typically no need to manually reset a MAF sensor after cleaning or replacement. The engine control unit (ECU) will automatically adapt to the cleaned or new sensor’s readings. However, if you experience persistent issues, you can disconnect the vehicle’s battery for a few minutes to reset the ECU, which will clear any stored error codes and allow it to recalibrate.

To clean a MAF sensor at home, follow these detailed steps:

  • Locate the MAF sensor in your vehicle’s air intake system by consulting your service manual.
  • Carefully remove the MAF sensor following the instructions in the manual.
  • Use a specialized MAF sensor cleaner like LIQUI MOLY AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER and spray it directly onto the sensor’s wires or elements. Avoid touching the sensor’s delicate components.
  • Allow the cleaner to evaporate completely before reinstalling the MAF sensor in the same orientation it was removed.

Using acetone or other solvents not designed for MAF sensor cleaning is not recommended. These substances can damage the sensor’s sensitive components, leading to further issues. It’s safer and more effective to use a dedicated MAF sensor cleaner like LIQUI MOLY AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER.

The lifespan of a MAF sensor can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the sensor, driving conditions, and maintenance. On average, MAF sensors can last anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 miles (160,000 to 240,000 kilometers) with proper care. Regular maintenance and avoiding contamination can help extend their life.

While it is technically possible to drive without a functioning MAF sensor, it is not recommended. The MAF sensor plays a critical role in measuring the amount of air entering the engine and providing data to the engine control unit for proper fuel injection. Operating without a MAF sensor can result in poor engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential damage to the engine. It’s advisable to address any MAF sensor issues promptly to ensure proper vehicle operation.

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