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Our high-performance oil, formulated with HC synthetic base oils and a potent blend of additives, ensures exceptional clutch performance. It features shear-stable viscosity index improvers, advanced anti-wear additives, and stable friction modifiers. Ideal for dual-clutch transmissions with a shared oil supply for clutch, synchronizer, gear set, and hydraulic control.


Dual Clutch Transmission Oil 8100, a high-performance oil formulated with HC synthetic base oils and a potent blend of additives. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. Excellent Clutch Performance: This transmission oil ensures exceptional clutch performance, thanks to its extremely shear-stable viscosity index improvers, advanced anti-wear additives, and stable friction modifiers.
  2. Suitability for Dual Clutch Transmissions: Designed for dual-clutch transmissions that have a common oil supply for clutch, synchronizer, gear set, and hydraulic control, making it a versatile gear oil for such transmissions.
  3. Wear Resistance: Dual Clutch Transmission Oil Offers excellent wear resistance, ensuring prolonged transmission life and durability.
  4. Shear Stability: Maintains stable viscosity under various operating conditions, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  5. Resistance to Oxidation: Dual Clutch Transmission Oil Provides outstanding resistance to oxidation, safeguarding against oil degradation and ensuring long-term performance.
  6. Stability to Aging: With optimum stability to aging, this transmission oil maintains its performance characteristics over extended periods of use.
  7. Viscosity/Temperature Properties: Exhibits excellent viscosity/temperature properties, ensuring proper lubrication across a wide range of temperatures.
  8. Low-Temperature Properties: Performs well even in low-temperature environments, providing smooth transmission operation during cold starts and in chilly conditions.

Dual Clutch Transmission Oil 8100 is the ideal choice for vehicles equipped with dual-clutch transmissions, offering exceptional performance, durability, and compatibility with various transmission systems.


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