Is Ceratec Better Than MoS2? Comparing Engine Performance Additives

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In the quest to optimize engine performance and longevity, two lubricant additives lead the debate: is Ceratec better than MoS2? This article cuts through the marketing hype to compare their impacts on wear protection, fuel efficiency, noise reduction, and overall engine health, giving you the insights needed to decide.

Key Takeaways

  • Ceratec and MoS2 are engine additives designed to reduce engine wear and enhance performance, but with differing chemical compositions and applications suited for various vehicle types and engine conditions.

  • Ceratec is reportedly beneficial for high-performance engines due to its fuel consumption improvement, engine noise reduction, and temperature control, while MoS2 is favored for heavy loads and older engines for a similar range of benefits including smoother power delivery and increased acceleration.

  • Both additives have been noted to improve engine longevity, with Ceratec creating a protective layer that can last up to 50,000 kilometers, and MoS2 providing a lubricating film that benefits high-mileage engines, and both are compatible with a range of motor oils and engine components.

Ceratec Better Than MoS2: Understanding the Differences

Stepping into the realm of engine additives, two prominent contenders often come up: Ceratec and MoS2. Each of these additives features unique chemical compositions, derived from different chemical compounds, that have significant impacts on their performance and applications.

Chemical Composition

Ceratec is a unique blend that includes a micro ceramic solid lubricant suspension, featuring hexagonal boron nitride (BN). This formulation is designed to minimize friction and wear within an engine, thereby enhancing its performance and lifespan.

On the other hand, MoS2 additives, primarily composed of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), are somewhat of a mystery as the details of their chemical composition are not readily available.

Intended Use

While both Ceratec and MoS2 serve as solid lubricants, their specific applications can differ greatly. Ceratec is specifically designed for use in oil-lubricated transmissions, pumps, and compressors. It plays a key role in the engine break-in process for new vehicles and offers a protective guard against excessive wear.

Conversely, MoS2 finds its niche in providing basic additive protection, especially for older engines that can greatly benefit from its wear protection properties.

Engine Compatibility

When it comes to engine compatibility, MoS2 shines with its versatility. It’s suitable for a wide range of engines, including all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, with or without turbochargers.

Ceratec, on the other hand, can be used in manual transmissions by adding it directly to the transmission oil. However, it’s worth noting that there is no information suggesting that Ceratec is suitable for automatic transmissions, indicating a potential limitation in compatibility.

Comparing Performance Benefits

Illustration comparing engine performance benefits of Ceratec and MoS2

Engine performance is a critical concern for every vehicle owner. Both Ceratec and MoS2 additives are designed to enhance engine performance, albeit in different ways. Ceratec is particularly recommended for high-performance engines, with reports of improved fuel consumption and smoother engine performance at both low and high revs.

MoS2, on the other hand, shines in conditions of heavy loads, with users reporting increased acceleration and smoother power delivery after its application.

Engine Noise Reduction

Both Ceratec and MoS2 additives have been shown to reduce engine noise significantly, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. Liqui Moly Cera Tec, for instance, has received glowing customer testimonials, highlighting its ability to reduce engine noise significantly. One Skoda Laura review even reported a slight decrease in peak noise levels by 0.16dB and lower noise levels by 0.17dB.

On the other hand, MoS2 users have noticed a marked reduction in engine noise, especially in older vehicles with noisy lifters, leading to a more harmonious driving experience.

Fuel Consumption Improvement

Fuel efficiency is another area where both Ceratec and MoS2 additives shine. Ceratec is designed to:

  • Minimize friction

  • Preserve engines and transmissions

  • Save energy

  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Users have confirmed a decrease in fuel consumption, indicating improved fuel economy, fewer visits to the gas station, and an extended range of travel.

Similarly, MoS2 is marketed to assist in decreasing fuel consumption thanks to its capabilities in lowering friction and engine wear. Owners of diesel engines and V8 engines have reported a reduction in black exhaust smoke and improved miles per gallon after using MoS2, suggesting a real-world increase in fuel efficiency.

Engine Temperature Control

Controlling engine temperature is crucial to maintaining optimal engine performance and longevity. Ceratec’s unique formulation ensures effective lubrication even under severe conditions due to its high mechanical and thermal stability.

MoS2, on the other hand, is favored by high-performance vehicle enthusiasts for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and stress during racing conditions.

Longevity and Engine Wear Protection

Illustration showing the protection and longevity benefits of Ceratec and MoS2

Both Ceratec and MoS2 additives contribute to an extended engine lifespan by reducing friction and wear, which can help maintain engine performance over time. The ceramic compounds in Ceratec create a protective layer on engine parts, preventing direct metal-on-metal contact and offering significant wear protection.

In contrast, MoS2 oil additive forms a lubricating film on engine surfaces, protecting against wear, especially during the critical warm-up phase, cold starts, and short-distance drives. Oil additives, in general, play a crucial role in enhancing engine performance and longevity.

Engine Service Life

Engine service life is a crucial consideration for every vehicle owner. Ceratec’s ceramic compounds provide excellent chemical and thermal resistance, contributing to a long engine service life. Its chemical composition reacts with the metal surfaces, providing protection for up to 50,000 kilometers.

MoS2 users have reported that the additive has helped with the smooth operation of high-mileage engines, including in vehicles with over 200,000 miles on the odometer.

Wear Protection

Protecting your engine from wear is crucial to maintaining its performance and extending its lifespan. Ceratec offers a solution with its microceramic particles and chemical active agents. These work to:

  • Fill in surface unevenness

  • Smooth out engine parts

  • Prevent direct metal-to-metal contact

  • Increase the assembly life of engine components

MoS2 creates a smooth protective layer over engine surfaces, providing a ‘cushioning’ effect on engine components and protecting against metal-to-metal contact.

Oil Consumption

Oil consumption is another key factor to consider when evaluating engine additives. Both Ceratec and MoS2 additives are designed to enhance lubrication and have been shown to contribute to reduced oil consumption in engines. Customers have reported instances of stabilized oil levels and reduced need for oil top-ups after using MoS2, indicating a direct impact on reducing oil consumption.

The long-lasting effects of Ceratec and the durable properties of MoS2 potentially reduce the need for frequent oil changes.

Compatibility with Motor Oils and Engine Components

Illustration depicting compatibility of Ceratec with motor oils and engine components

The compatibility of Ceratec engine oil additive includes:

  • All standard motor oils, including both mineral and synthetic types

  • Vehicles equipped with turbochargers

  • Vehicles equipped with catalytic converters

  • Vehicles equipped with particle filters

Ceratec is designed to self-mix when added to motor oil, making it easy to use and safe for various engine components.

Mixing with Motor Oils

Both Ceratec and MoS2 are compatible with various motor oils without requiring special preparation for mixing. Ceratec is compatible with all types of commercially available motor oils without requiring any special preparation for mixing.

MoS2 is considered less likely to interact negatively with the additive package of finished motor oil, implying relative compatibility with various engine oil and motor oils.

Effects on Engine Components

The effects of additives on engine components are also a key consideration when choosing an engine additive. Ceratec is designed not to influence the functioning of oil seals and gaskets, which helps avoid the risk of leaks or degradation.

With a small particle size of only 0.5 µm, Ceratec is fully compatible with oil filters, including fine filters, and does not cause clogging, while also being safe for use with catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.

Real-World Experiences: Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer testimonials and reviews are valuable resources when evaluating engine additives, helping to separate effective products from snake oil. They provide firsthand insights into the real-world benefits and potential drawbacks of each product.

After adding LiquiMoly Cera Tec to the engine, one customer experienced a slower idle and was concerned that the vehicle might stall.

Ceratec Reviews

Users of Ceratec have reported the following benefits:

  • Significant noise reduction

  • Improved fuel mileage

  • Better engine temperature control

  • Enhanced engine performance, with reports of not only quieter engines but also improvements in fuel mileage.

Some have even noted a slight decrease in coolant temperature readings after applying Ceratec, suggesting an improvement in engine temperature control.

MoS2 Reviews

Users of MoS2 have reported the following benefits after an oil change:

  • Smoother idle

  • Decreased vibration

  • Quieter engine operation

  • Decreased oil consumption in high-mileage vehicles

After using MoS2, a 1999 Saturn with high mileage demonstrated notable improvements in engine responsiveness and smoothness.

A Dodge Ram 3500 owner observed a quieter engine operation after treating it with MoS2.


As we’ve seen, both Ceratec and MoS2 offer a range of benefits for enhancing engine performance, improving fuel efficiency, and extending engine lifespan. However, each has its unique strengths and potential limitations. The choice between the two will ultimately depend on your specific needs and the type of engine you’re working with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use CERA TEC in new car?

Yes, you can use CERA TEC in a new car as it is self-mixing and compatible with all standard motor oils, supporting engine break-in and protecting against excessive wear.

What is the best anti-wear additive in engine oil?

The best anti-wear additives in engine oil include Prolong Super Lubricants Engine Treatment, ZDDP, Sea Foam Motor Treatment, Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Slick 50-Engine Formula, and Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flush. These additives are designed to reduce friction, improve fuel efficiency, and restore power to high mileage engines.

How long does MoS2 last?

MoS2 typically lasts the duration of a standard oil change, so it’s recommended to apply a treatment at each oil change to maintain its friction reducing effects. This makes it an ideal basic additive protection for many cars, especially those with older engines.

Is MoS2 good for your engine?

Yes, MoS2 is good for your engine as it provides immediate friction and wear reduction, adds a protective boundary layer, lubricates during cold starts, and contributes to lower fuel consumption and longer engine life.

What is the primary difference between Ceratec and MoS2?

Ceratec contains a microceramic solid lubricant suspension, while MoS2 is based on molybdenum disulfide, making them different engine additives.

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