How To Change The Battery On A Mercedes-Benz

Learn how to change the battery of your Mercedes-Benz in this blog.

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Mercedes-Benz batteries are easy to replace for the DIY enthusiast. All you need is a replacement battery and some basic tools, as well as knowing where your old one was in order to remove it from its socket before installing yourself another new unit.

Mercedes-Benz makes this much easier by providing instructions on where you need to locate it and how to remove your old one so that they can install another one in its place with ease.

Signs a Mercedes Battery Needs Replacement

The most common sign a Mercedes-Benz is due for battery replacement is when you have a difficult time starting the car each day.

If it takes several seconds just to get the motor running after turning on your key, this may mean that there’s not enough juice left in its batteries and needs replacing right away. 

Tools Needed for Changing a Mercedes Battery

  • 10mm socket wrench — You will need this to disconnect the battery from the positive and negative terminals.
  • 13mm socket wrench — You will use this when you take out the bracket that holds the battery in place.
  • 8″ extension — You may need one of these to loosen the battery from the terminals.
  • Battery post cleaner — Once you’ve taken out the old battery, you might need to clean the battery post.

How To Change a Mercedes Car Battery

Park Your Car In A Safe Place

To avoid any accidents, always park your car on a stretch of concrete with the emergency brakes fully extended. This way you can be sure that it won’t roll when changing batteries in your vehicle and neighbouring components will not get damaged as well.

Locate The Battery

In most Mercedes-Benz models, the battery is on the right and inside of your trunk. In rarer versions, it is beneath back seats or in certain models like W203/R170 where it’s located next to the engine sink near the passenger side.

Remove The Old Battery

The first step is to remove the old battery. To begin, unplug your negative charger wire from its socket and loosen 10mm bolt that holds in place on terminal strip or clamping area with an adjustable wrench if needed (careful not force anything). Next carefully twist away any clamps holding down terminals – don’t use more than just tiny turns. 

Make sure to insulate the positive battery terminal with electrical tape, as it must not make contact against any metal parts of your Mercedes.

Take out the bracket that keeps the battery in place. The bracket is fastened with a 13mm bolt and typically requires the use of an extension to remove. With the bracket out of the way, remove the dead battery from the car. Beware of the weight factor, as car batteries are usually heavy. (On some models, you might need to take off a cabin air filter to access the battery.)

Install The New Battery

Installing a new battery is simple with the old one out of place. Follow these steps to reverse what you did earlier and get your car back on track again. 

Take the new battery and place it on the battery tray. Next, put the battery bracket back into place. Reconnect both the positive and negative battery terminals, respectively.

Once you have installed the new battery in the vehicle, it is time to run some synchronisation procedures to ensure your Mercedes is ready.

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