Changing The Engine Oil On A Mercedes-Benz E350

This article will guide you through the steps to change the oil on a Mercedes-Benz E350 model 2009 - 2016 also about using premium engine oils from LIQUI MOLY.

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Applicable Model

Mercedes-Benz E350,  20012, 6 Cylinder M276 DE35 engine (2009-2016)

Symptoms and effects of unchanged oil

Oil change kit by LIQUI MOLY for Mercedes-Benz e350

The oil in your car engine lubricates and cools the metal parts. Without an adequate supply of oil, these moving parts will wear down quickly and possibly cause catastrophic engine failure. Oil also helps prevent rust and corrosion in the engine, which can lead to more expensive repairs than an oil change.

One of the most important parts of owning a vehicle is keeping up with routine maintenance. One part of that is making sure your oil is changed regularly. Not only does this mean your engine runs more smoothly, it also means you have the oil protection you need from things like dirt and metal particles that can damage your engine over time.

Our engines are filled with moving parts that are constantly rubbing against each other. This friction generates heat, and this heat needs to be controlled to avoid damaging our car’s internal components. The oil in your engine helps it run smoothly by reducing friction and protecting every moving part inside a car.

There’s actually no specific timeline for replacing an oil filter. The best way to check regularly? Stick your nose in there and take a whiff! If the car smells like motor oil, it’s still good to go, but if it starts to smell burnt or off-putting, then it’s probably time for a change.

Which Products Do I Need For A Mercedes-Benz E-Class Oil Change?

Mark: Mercedes-Benz (EU)

Model: E-Class, 2012

Type: E350 (2009 – 2016)

Engine: M276 DE35

Engine Oil Capacity: 6.5L

Recommended Engine Oil: 6.5 L LIQUI MOLY 5W30 Longtime High Tech

OEM Filter: Mahle OX 413 D1

Drain Plug: Copper Crush Washer

Recommended Oil Change Service Additives

Engine Cleaner: LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush

Ceramic coating additive: LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec

How Often Do I Need To Change The Engine Oil Of A Mercedes-Benz E350?

TIP 1: How often should I change my oil? Changing your Mercedes-Benz E350’s oil regularly is the best way of keeping it in tip-top condition and prolonging its life span. Therefore, as per the manufacturer recommendation, you should change your oil at least every 7500 miles.

TIP 2: When should I change my oil? You shouldn’t wait until you see low oil warning light on your dashboard because by then, there might be excessive amounts of dirt and debris in your engine which can cause major damage to the engine parts. It is better if you change your Mercedes-Benz E350’s oil when it still has some amount left in the tank. This will help you save money in the long run as you won’t have to spend money on changing the entire engine oil every time.

How Much Is The Mercedes-Benz E350 Oil Change Cost?

Our Mercedes-Benz E350 oil change kit includes all necessary products and starts at around 90EUR/Pounds. The kit includes the necessary amount of LIQUI MOLY 5W30 Longtime High Tech oil, a new Mahle 413 D1 OEM Oil Filter, and the oil filter housing cap seals.

The premium kit includes the LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush and LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec.

Still want to get the service and not DIY? Bring the products to your mechanic

Another option is to buy your own products like our LIQUI MOLY products. These will ensure better performance and lower costs as all you have to pay for is the 20 EUR disposal fee and the labour costs, which is usually between 60-90EUR per hour. Using our package and the local workshop will work out to about 160-200EUR, which is still cheaper than using the lower grade oils from the dealerships or workshops.

Be prepared for the mechanics when you bring in your products. Some dealerships will ask if it is really compatible with your car, to which you can confidently answer them YES. When buying from Mycar.Repair, you can rest assured knowing that these parts meet all original factory standards- we wouldn’t let them go without being sure fitment was correct in every detail.

Steps Required To Complete A Mercedes-Benz E350 (M276 DE35) Oil Change

Tools required for an oil change on a Mercedes-Benz E350 M276 DE35

  • 8mm Socket
  • 13mm Socket
  • 74mm Oil Filter Wrench,
  • Torque Wrench
  • Floor Jacks
  • Jack Stands

Step 1 (optional): Clean the engine

LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush contains fine powdered detergents that dissolve all kinds of dirt and grime in the engine. The engine flush dissolves the sludge and cleans the oil passages in the engine. This helps to remove any metallic particles like carbon deposits and piston rings which are stuck in the cylinder head. The sludge is then flushed out with water to leave behind a clean engine that runs smoothly. The process can take as fast as 30 minutes or as long as 8 hours, depending on how dirty your vehicle’s engine is. Simply add it to your engine oil and let the engine run for 15-30 minutes.

Step 2: Change the oil filter

Remove the front part of the engine cover. The plastic cover can be removed by pulling it up and away.

Place the oil filter removal tool on the oil filter and remove it. Pull out the oil filter and make sure to replace the rubber O rings.

Dress the new o-rings with some fresh oil and install them onto the oil filter cap. Slide the new filter onto the cap and then reinstall it into the engine.

Re-installing the new oil filter into a Mercedes-Benz e350

Install the new oil filter and make sure that only one of the black lines are showing not both.  Make sure to change the rubber O-rings every time you change the filter. If you have a torque wrench tighten the filter to 25Nm.

Step 3: Drain the oil

Remove the splash shield which is the black plastic underneath the engine . It is held in place with 4 to 6 bolts. You will need an 8mm wrench to remove these bolts.

Remove the oil drain plug. To remove the plug use the 13mm wrench or socket and turn the bolt counterclockwise. Please note that it is easy to confuse the direction that you need to turn the drain plug. If it is too difficult to remove the drain plug make sure you are not tightening the drain plug. Let the oil drain at least for 10 minutes.

Torque oil drain plug to 30 Nm or 23ft-lbs if you have a torque wrench. Make sure to replace the copper oil drain plug washer if you have a new one.

Step 4 (optional): Fill the ceramic coating additive

Shake the ceramic coating additive LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec.

Open the engine cover and remove the oil filler cap. Then pour the additive into the engine oil tank.

Step 5: Refill the car with oil

Add six Litres of LIQUI MOLY Longtime High Tech 5W-30 of oil and then check the oil level. You don’t want to overfill. These engines keep a quite a bit of oil inside the oil galleries, hydraulic lifters and other parts. Let the car sit on level ground for 15 minutes, check the oil level to see if you need to add any more. If you overfill with oil you some models will show a warning on your dash saying “Reduce Oil Level.”

Depending on the result of the dipstick, add in small increments of around 200ml until the engine oil is at the MAX level of the dipstick. Avoid overfilling the engine oil as this causes smoke and other negative side effects. Use a workshop paper towel to clean any oil you may have spilt.

Step 6: Reset the service indicator

Select “Assist Plus” from the menu that appears on the center instrument cluster screen. Confirm that you’ve completed a full service and then hit “OK” twice. The service interval is now reset.

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