Changing The Oil For A Lexus 570

In this blog, we will guide you on how to do the oil change on a Lexus 570 5.7L 2013 model using premium LIQUI MOLY Products.

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Applicable Model

Lexus 570,  2011, 8 Cylinder, 5.7L

Symptoms and effects of unchanged oil

Why it’s important to change the engine oil on your car

It’s natural to wonder whether something as seemingly simple as an oil change really affects the performance of your car. After all, your car has many other parts that need regular maintenance: brakes, tires, transmission and more. But when it comes to preventing costly repairs and making sure your vehicle performs well over time, changing your engine oil is one of the most important things you can do.

Here are two of the top reasons to keep up with your oil changes:

Oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine. Over time, friction between these parts can wear them down and cause excessive heat buildup. This leads to damage and eventually can lead to engine failure. To keep everything running smoothly, you need enough lubrication to keep metal from grinding against metal. That’s why it’s critical to change your oil on a regular basis — so you always have a fresh supply of lubricant for your engine’s moving parts.

Oil helps keeps things cool. A properly lubricated engine doesn’t just reduce friction — it also helps cool down the metal parts in your engine by carrying away some of the heat.

Mark: Lexus (EU)

Model: 570, 2013

Type: 5.7L, 2013

Engine Oil Capacity: 7.5L


Recommended Engine Oil: 9L LIQUI MOLY Molygen 5W-20

Drain Plug: Copper Crush Washer

Recommended Oil Change Service Additives

Engine Cleaner: LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush

Ceramic coating additive: LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec

Sealant restorer: LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver

How Often Do I Need To Change The Engine Oil Of A Lexus 570 5.7L?

Changing the oil in your car’s engine is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your car.

The oil in your car lubricates the engine’s moving parts, but over time the oil breaks down and gets dirty. This can cause damage to the engine, which is why it’s so important to change your oil regularly.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a traditional gasoline-powered car, you should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles or at least once a year. However, this can vary depending on where you live and how you drive. Some people may be able to go as long as 5,000 to 6,000 miles before needing an oil change. If you want to know for sure what interval is best for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual or ask your mechanic.

Our Audi A5 oil change kit includes all necessary products and starts at around 80EUR/Pounds. The kit includes the necessary amount of LIQUI MOLY Molygen 5W-20 oil.

The premium kit includes the LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush, LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver and LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec.

Still want to get the service and not DIY? Bring the products to your mechanic

Still want to get the service and not DIY? Bring the LIQUI MOLY products to your mechanic

You can still get a professional auto service instead of doing it yourself. Just bring the right products to your mechanic.

The best thing about using the right car maintenance products is that it’s quite easy to do. You don’t need any special skills or facilities. All you need is a bit of information and some handy tools, which you probably already have at home. By using the right car maintenance products, you avoid many of the common problems with cars, such as freezing doors, squeaky brakes and more.

Every now and then, visit your mechanic and ask him or her if they know how to use LIQUI MOLY products. If they don’t know how, go over the product label with them or leave them some printed instructions so that they can use the product properly in order to maintain your vehicle properly.

Some dealerships often use phrases such as “we only can use our official products” in order to not lose their warranties, but you can confidently say yes! Otherwise MyCar.Repair would never sell them to me.

Steps Required To Complete A Lexus 570

Step 1 (optional): Clean the engine

If you’re looking for a way to clean your engine and make it run better, or if you just want to keep your car running longer, then you should try LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush. You can use this product as a preventative measure, as well as as a manual car wash.

LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush is a brand of engine cleaning products that are known for being highly effective in removing dirt and grime from your engine. This product works to remove debris and dirt that is found on the internal parts of your engines without harming the environment. The best part about this product is that it is safe to use on all types of engines, including gasoline and diesel engines.

Step 2: Change the oil filter

Lets take a look at the oil filter

Open up the hood and locate the oil filter on your car. You should see it sticking out of the engine or mounted to the side of it.

Next, locate your oil pan and position it under your vehicle. If you have a plastic pan, be careful not to drop any tools into it.

Remove the old oil filter

Before removing the oil filter, you will need to drain some oil from it. Using an adjustable wrench, slowly turn the oil filter counterclockwise until two full turns are made. This will help prevent a mess when you remove it.

Now use an oil filter wrench or adjustable wrench to unscrew the filter from its housing. Be prepared for some warm motor oil to drain from the housing due to that initial loosening.

After removing the old filter from its housing, inspect it for debris and metal shavings in order to determine how healthy your engine has been running. If there are no shavings present, then you’re in luck! If you find lots of metal shavings in and around the old oil filter, then it’s likely time for a tune-up or deeper inspection by a professional mechanic.

Step 3: Drain the oil

Remove the drain plug with a wrench, while turning the engine off.

Use a container with a strainer or screen to catch any oil that comes out of the hole. Put a rag over the hole while you’re doing this so you don’t spill any. The last thing you want is to spill all that oil and then have to wipe it up later.

Replace the O-ring if it looks damaged or worn out

Screw back on your drain plug. You may want to tighten it with a wrench for extra security, but do not over tighten it, as you can easily strip or break it off

Place a new oil filter onto your filter housing by hand. Screw it until you feel resistance, and then turn it another 1/2 turn with a socket wrench

Unscrewing the oil drain plug by hand from Audi Q7

Step 4 (optional): Fill the ceramic coating additive and Motor Oil Saver.

Shake the ceramic coating additive LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec.

Open the engine cover and remove the oil filler cap. Then pour the additive into the engine oil tank along with your bottle of LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver.

Step 5: Refill the car with oil

1) Open the hood of your car and locate the engine oil cap. It will be labeled “Oil” or “Engine Oil.” Remove this cap by turning it counterclockwise until it comes off completely (it may snap or screw off). Set it aside for now, being careful not to lose it.

2) Look for an oil tank underneath your car near the front end. Some cars have them under the hood, but most do not. If you can’t find one, consult your owner’s manual for help.

3) Once you’ve found the tank, fill up your car with as much oil as it needs using a funnel or pouring spout from a container of new engine oil.

Depending on the result of the dipstick add in small increments of around 200ml until the engine oil is at the MAX level of the dipstick. Don’t overfill the engine oil! This can cause smoke and other negative side effects. Use a workshop paper towel to clean up any spills you may have made.

Step 6: Reset the service indicator

If you want to reset the service indicator for Lexus 570 2013, you need to do this:

1. Turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position

2. Press and hold the “TRIP” button for about 10 seconds until the indicator blinks.

3. Turn the ignition switch to the off position

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