How to change the engine oil on a Mercedes-Benz SLK200 Roadster M271 engine

A tutorial using the best German OEM quality products from LIQUI MOLY Oil Products and Mahle Oil Filters.

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Applicable Model

Mercedes-Benz SLK200 Roadster, 1.7 Benzin, 2015, 4 Cylinder M271 engine (2011-2015)

Symptoms and effects of unchanged oil

In an engine, the oil’s job is to lubricate all of the moving parts. Without the lubrication, parts would wear rapidly, sending debris through the engine before it locks up.

Over time, the oil itself will degrade. The molecules inside of the oil break down, causing the oil to lose its viscosity. Modern synthetic oils last significantly longer than conventional oil, but still require scheduled changes. Always check with your vehicle’s manufacturer or its manual to find out how often your oil should be replaced.

Oil is lubricating the engine and all its moving parts. Without or with poor lubrication the friction is between parts is increasing causing high wear and tear or these parts until they brake. Metal debris caused from the wear and tear ends up in other engine parts, causing further damages.

Every oil looses its strength and performance capability over time. Molecules inside the oil brake down and some oil burns, reducing the viscosity and building up oil sludge. Modern synthetic oils with high quality additive packages last significantly longer than conventional oil, but still require scheduled changes. Always check with your vehicle’s manual or consult with us to find out how often your oil should be replaced.

Which products do i need for a Mercedes SLK 200 Oil Change?

Mark: Mercedes-Benz (EU)

Model: SLK-Klasse, R172 (2011-2015)

Type: SLK 200 172.448 (2011 – 2015)

Engine: M271.861

Engine Oil Capacity: 5.5L

MB Approved Oil Standards: 229.3, 229.31, 229.5, 229.51, 229.52

Recommended Engine Oil: 6L LIQUI MOLY Top Tec 4200 5W-30 or LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf High-Tech 5W40

OEM Filter: MAHLE OX 183-5D

Drain Plug: Copper Crush Washer

Recommended Oil Change Service Additives

Engine Cleaner: LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush

Ceramic coating additive: LIQUI MOLY CERATEC

Sealant restorer: LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil Saver

How often do i need to change the engine oil of a Mercedes SLK 200?

The engine oil of the SLK should be changed at least once every two years or every 15.000km.

Many of these cars are sitting in the garage during winter and given the fact that they are not the youngest anymore, we recommend to change the engine oil every spring.

How much will a Mercedes SLK 200 Oil Change Cost?

Our Mercedes SLK 200 oil change kit includes all necessary products and costs less than £100. The kit includes the necessary amount of 6 liters of LIQUI MOLY Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 oil, a new Mahle OEM Oil Filter, and the oil filter housing cap seals.

The premium kit includes the Engine Flush and ceramic engine protection additive.

It’ll cost around double to triple that to have an oil change performed by an independent shop or dealership. Most independent workshops and car dealerships use lower grade engine oils charging upwards of £22 Pounds per liter, totalling at £132Pounds. Oil filters and sealant O-rings as well as parts cleaner will cost usually another £25-50 Pounds. They tend to not wash the engine with Engine Flush causing a faster oil deterioration and shorter oil change interval as well as a ceramic engine coating additive. The labor cost for performing the oil change varies a lot with common hour mechanic service charges between £50-80. A basic oil change takes less than 15 minutes for a skilled technician and around 30 minutes with engine cleaning. Disposal costs and engine resetting fees are often added for another £15-25.

With diagnostics and other unforeseen costs often added the surprise when settling the bill between £250-500 can be big.

On top of the extra charge, you’ll have to wait until they can get to your car.

Still want to get the service and not DIY? Bring the products to your mechanic

Changing the oil yourself is not everybody’s thing, so a simple and quick way to get the service done without a scary bill in the end and mediocre products used is to buy the ready product kit and bring it with your car to a mechanic.

This service will cost you the mechanic labor fee (for 15min to max. 40min at a labour fee rate of £25-50/hr).
Be prepared that mechanics might question you whether your product is really suitable for the car. Some dealerships often use the phrase “we only can use our official products” to not loose the engine warranty. You can confidently say that “Yes” these products are correct for my Mercedes SLK 200 1.7 2011-2015 AND fit all the OEM standards. Otherwise MyCar.Repair would not sell them to you.

Steps required to complete a Mercedes SLK200 (M271) oil change

Tools required for an oil change on a Mercedes SLK200 M271

  • 8mm Socket
  • 13mm Socket
  • 27mm Socket
  • Torque Wrench
  • Floor Jacks
  • Jack Stands

Step 1 (optional): Clean the engine

Open the engine cover and the engine oil cap. Pour one bottle of Engine Cleaner LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Flush into the engine. Close the oil cap again and start the engine. Let the car run idle for 10-15 minutes. Please do not drive the car during this time. Turn off the engine to proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Change the oil filter

The oil filter housing sits in the back. Use the 27mm socket to remove the cap and filter.

Pull the old filter off of the cap and clean the cap with some parts cleaner. Then, remove the o-rings from the cap and exchange them with new ones.

Dress the new o-rings with some new oil and install them onto the oil filter cap. Slide the new filter onto the cap and then reinstall it into the engine.

Start to thread the cap into the housing by hand to prevent any cross-threading. Then, use the 27mm socket to torque the cap to 24Nm.

Step 3: Drain the oil

Open the oil fill cap to avoid a vacuum during draining. Close the engine cover and jack the car up. Place it securely onto jack stands. Remove the plastic splash shield that covers the engine from below. Use an 8mm socket to remove the fasteners and take off the shield.

Don’t look up as you remove the splash shield or wear protective glasses as there will be dirt and debris trapped above it. Place a drain pan under the drain plug. Position it farther toward the driver’s side as the oil will shoot out in that direction. Use a 13mm socket to remove the plug.

Placing the oil drain pan underneath Mercedes-Benz SLK200

Clean off the drain plug and place the new copper crush washer onto it. Then, thread in the drain plug by hand to prevent cross-threading and then use the 13mm socket to torque the plug to 30Nm.

Reinstall the splash shield using the 8mm socket and then lower the car back onto the ground.

Step 4 (optional): Fill the ceramic coating additive

Shake the ceramic coating additive LIQUI MOLY CERATEC.

Open the engine cover and remove the oil filler cap. Than pour the additive into the engine oil tank

Pouring LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec into a Mercedes-Benz SLK 200

Step 5: Refill the car with oil

Head into the engine bay and remove the oil filler cap. Then, pour in 5 liters of oil. It takes some time for the oil to move into the system before you can check the oil level. Wait 5 minutes and check the oil level on the dip stick. In the case you did Step 4 and added the ceramic coating additive, please keep in mind that the 300ml can be counted and deducted from the 5,5L engine oil volume.

Depending on the result on the dip stick add in small increments of around 200ml until the engine oil is at the MAX level of the dip stick. Avoid overfilling the engine oil as this causes smoke and other negative side effects. Use a workshop paper towel to clean any oil you may have spilled.

Step 6: Reset the service indicator

Sit in the driver’s seat and put the key into position one. Then, hold down the two center buttons on the steering wheel.

Select “Assist Plus” from the menu that appears on the center instrument cluster screen. Confirm that you’ve completed a full service and then hit “OK” twice. The service interval is now reset.

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