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Audi Servicing Cost – Keep Your Audi in Pristine Condition

Understand how to keep your Audi in the best condition and save money with this useful guide

Audi vehicles are one of the most sturdy and luxurious vehicles on the market, known for their engaging interiors and brave styling. Audis are great vehicles to own: fun to drive, comfortable and luxurious at the same time, while not requiring too many repairs or breaking down that often.

Despite the sturdy bud quality and tough nature, you’ve to ensure regular servicing and maintenance for it to last longer and perform like it’s supposed to. For that, you’ve to look after some factors, such as engine oil and inspection services, transmission oil, air and pollen filter, brake fluid change, and other servicing and maintenance jobs.

it is also crucial that you stick to the official service schedule, use only Audi genuine parts, and get inspection service only from experts. Either authorised and regulated Audi centres or an expert technician who offers Audi fixed-price servicing.

In this article, we will discuss in detail, how to look after your Audi, what’s all included in the maintenance schedule, servicing costs, and where to get your Audi maintained.

How to Maintain Your Audi Properly

Audi is a great car to own and equally exciting to drive, but like every other vehicle, it undergoes wear and tear. For optimal performance and a longer lifespan, you ought to take care of your car and know how to maintain your Audi properly;

Important Points for Owners
  1. Get a fixed inspection regime from your authorized Audi centre and stick to it. Never alter recommended maintenance schedules.

  2. Take care of even the little things, whether it’s oil and inspection service, brake oil service, air filter, or tire rotation.

  3. Although the Audi centre is an ideal place for servicing and maintenance, but an independent expert mechanic who offers fixed-price servicing (with price match genuine quotations) is also a great option.

  4. Remember to use OEM Audi accessories and parts.

  5. Never miss a major service schedule.

  6. Use quality lubricants, such as LIQUI MOLY oils and engine flush.

Even if you take your Audi vehicles to a third-party technician, there’s no harm in getting your car serviced from the preferred Audi centre annually, just for peace of mind.

What’s all Included in the Audi Maintenance?

Audi maintenance can include anything from inspection, oil change service, to a major overhaul. It is important that you know what is included in the maintenance schedules, so you don’t miss anything.

Inspection service

This includes a general inspection of all the parts or any recurring fault that you’ve faced. Inspection can diagnose many hidden problems and makes rectification easier.

Oil service

This includes getting all the lubricants inspected and oil change service at regular intervals.

  1. Engine oil

  2. Transmission oil

  3. Brake fluid

  4. Get radiator and battery fluids checked during oil and inspection servicing.


  1. Air and Oil filters

  2. Fuel filter

  3. pollen filter


Brakes need to be in fit condition and serviced regularly as they see maximum wear and tear.

  1. Brake fluid change

  2. Brake pad replacement

  3. Servicing of brake rotors and discs


Getting all the parts inspected including bushings, springs, control arm, and coil-overs. Overhauling at 100,000 miles is also advisable.

Miscellaneous servicing

  1. Catalytic converter cleaning along with oxygen sensor.

  2. Tire change and rotation.

  3. Timing belt adjustment.

  4. Spark plugs and battery replacement.

Where to Get Your Audi Serviced?

For premium cars like Audi, you need to get premium services. For the best quality and reliable work, you’ve two options.

  1. Whether it’s privately owned Audi vehicles or fleet servicing, the first option should be to get Audi expertise. The best place to get that is the Audi centres. These are equipped with the latest and upgraded equipment, have factory-trained technicians and offer OEM – Audi genuine parts. They are well equipped to look after any vehicle in the Audi range, have the expertise of accessing secure areas that local mechanics can’t do, offer fixed price and not a lender, have online billing service, and are regulated by the financial conduct authority in the Audi network. Moreover, they also provide services like Audi finance, advertising campaigns for recalls and updates, deliver adverts to your personal contact and offer convenient service plans.

  2. The other option is to buy the OEM parts and take your Audi to an expert independent Audi technician. The one who can look after all the Audi models or a particular car, offers Audi fixed price servicing and listen to your personal preferences.

When to Get Your Audi Serviced? The Intervals

The company has designated a proper maintenance and service schedule for all the Audi models, and it is important that you stick to it for optimal performance and enhanced lifespan of your car.

1- 5000 MILES

·         General inspection

·         Engine oil and filter change

·         Air filter replacement

2- 10,000 MILES

·         Oil and filter replacement

·         Tire rotation

·         Throttle body service

3- 15,000 MILES

·         Replacement of oils and filters

·         General tune-up and ECU re-calibration

·         Battery inspection

·         Suspension checkup

4- 20,000 MILES

·         Oil/filter replacement

·         Tire Rotation

·         All systems checkup and rectification

5- 25,000 MILES

·         Engine oil and filters replacement

·         Tires replacement

·         Windshield fluid change and wiper blades replacement

·         brake oil change, brake pads replacement

·         throttle body and intake manifold service.

·         Radiator flush and coolant replacement.


6- 40,000 MILES

·         All lubricants and fluids be changed (transmission oil, brake oil, engine oil)

·         Changing all filters

·         Catalytic converter service along with oxygen sensor

·         Engine flush before oil change

·         Wheel balancing and tire alignment

·         Re-calibrate and change relevant vehicle parameters

7- 80,000 MILES

·         Battery replacement

·         Spark plug replacement

·         Timing belt adjustment

·         Brake assembly and suspension overhaul

·         Steering assembly checkup

How Much Does an Audi Service Cost?

Cost of maintaining an Audi is not so exuberantly high as portrayed by some people, but its expensive than servicing the normal cars. For example, the average cost of maintaining a normal car for a year is £600, but that of an Audi is £900.

Here are some of the tentative costs of Audi service and maintenance;

  1.         Oil change: £160

  2.        Filters air, oil, and fuel): £250

  3.        Brake fluids: £180

  4.        Cost of a tire: £250

  5.       Gear oil: £220

  6.       Labor charges: £200-300

Where to get Audi Genuine Parts?

The best place to get Genuine or OEM Audi parts is the authorized dealership. They have a complete range of parts and all the genuine accessories that you might need. They all have a fixed price, authorised and regulated by the company. Not just for parts but services as well (these excludes fleet servicing or other commercial projects)

Another great option is to buy the OEM parts online and get them replaced at your place of choice. This way you get the freedom of options and a variety of prices. But once you go filling those shopping baskets, always make sure that you’re buying genuine products (by matching the company or firm reference number) and get a fixed price match.

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