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Why You Should Clean Your Car Air Intake System Once A Year

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A bit of preventative care will keep your engine running smoothly forever.

If your car is running rough, hesitating or stalling when it’s cold, then there could be excessive carbon buildup on the intake of valves. We usually see this happening to vehicles with 50K miles or more because of oil seeping past sealants. 

This is especially important in seasonal countries as the temperature affects the properties of the fuel. Just like with an oil change, we recommend you clean your intake system every year or during every maintenance period.

Signs You Need A Intake System Service

Keeping your car running properly requires a lot of work. You have to do routine services, such as changing the oil and replacing fluids when they need it most in order to keep up with preventative maintenance routines or else you could end up experiencing problems that will cost more money down the line. Your vehicle’s intake system is an important component that must be maintained regularly. Getting the intake system cleaned can help to avoid serious issues down the road, figuratively and literally.

Problem Signs

Proper maintenance of your intake system helps to catch common issues, such as faulty sensors or buildup on components. Build up can degrade components and cause them to stop working or lead to clogging, which prevents the vehicle from operating properly. If you notice any of these indicators, then they might require a cleaning:

  • Starts harshly
  • Shuddering during idling
  • Loses power when going uphill or towing
  • Slow engine response when pushing the gas pedal
  • Sluggish acceleration

If you notice signs that your intake system is not working properly, get it serviced or service them yourself to avoid serious issues with the vehicle’s performance. When this occurs, it can affect how smoothly your engine runs and cause acceleration to stop entirely. 

The cost of getting your car serviced can vary depending on the brand. Check out our servicing guides for more information: 


For more on how to do it check out our blog on how to clean your intake system yourself.

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