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Why You Need to Change Your Car Oil?

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We discuss the importance of frequent oil changes, and what happens if you miss this important responsibility.

It’s important to change your car’s oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. This is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy engine.

Here are some benefits of changing your car’s oil:

  • Wear Protection: Oil is an important component in the lubrication of your vehicle. It reduces friction by acting as a barrier between moving parts in the engine. The oil can help reduce the potential for wear, keeping the engine looking and running like new for longer periods of time.
  • Change frequency: Regular oil changes are the best way to maintain optimal performance from your vehicle. Changing your vehicle’s oil at regular intervals can help keep your engine healthy, extend its life and save you money on future repairs.
  • Engine Protection: Oil also helps protect against rust and corrosion by creating a protective barrier that shields sensitive internal components from moisture and other pollutants. By changing your vehicle’s oil at regular intervals, you can prevent rust buildup within the engine’s many crevices and prolong the life of vital components.
  • Reduced emissions: By performing regular oil changes, you can help reduce harmful emissions caused by unburned fuel in your engine and decrease your impact on air quality. Reducing these emissions helps limit our impact on the environment and protects human health by cutting down on air pollution. 

How About Older Cars?

It’s always good to get your car checked regularly. However, if you have an older car that is low on maintenance and plagued by problems, then it is better to change the oil once in every 5,000 miles than to let the oil run out and then change it. The reason for this is because of the contaminants that collect in this oil.

Generally, the more contaminants that are present in the oil, the harder it will be for your engine to function correctly. If you allow this to happen over a long period of time, then the engine will begin to function less and less efficiently. This will eventually lead to it being unable to produce enough power for everyday driving and even worse, it can cause permanent damage. If you wait too long between oil changes and you don’t maintain your vehicle well enough, you might need a major repair later down the line.

Here’s a quick overview of the reasons why you should change your car’s oil on the regular, and what to look out for.

Why is it important to change your oil?

When you drive, your engine generates a lot of heat. This heat makes your engine run. If this heat isn’t dissipated efficiently, it can lead to more wear and tear on critical parts of your engine. In addition, internal components such as pistons and rings could start moving around and contact each other, causing damage.

The way your engine dissipates, this heat largely depends on the quality of the oil in it. The oil helps transfer the heat away from the hot internal parts of your engine. Therefore it’s so important to change your car’s oil regularly — if the oil breaks down due to age or excessive amounts of heat, it may not transfer the heat away from these internal parts effectively. Therefore, the best thing you can do for the life of your vehicle is to follow a regular schedule for changing the oil — this will ensure that you protect its longevity and reduce (or eliminate) costly repair bills in the future.

When To Change Your Oil?

Your engine’s oil is one of the most important fluids that keep your vehicle on the road. It keeps moving parts from wearing down; it reduces friction and prevents rust from forming.

The average car should have its oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (4,828 to 8,047 kilometres) or every three to six months, whichever comes first.

The recommended interval may vary by manufacturer and vehicle type. Check with your owner’s manual or vehicle manufacturer for recommendations.

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