Tips To Save on Your Cars Periodic Maintenance

Find out how to save money when it comes to your cars maintenance costs by reading these tips in our blog.

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How much do you spend on car maintenance each year? Research released by Kwikfit in June 2018 suggests motorists spend an average of £162 per month running their car, excluding the purchase cost itself.

If you have a car, it’s probably one of the larger expenditures out of your budget every year. The good news? There are ways to save money on maintenance costs! Here we’ll cover some tips for how you potentially save money on costly maintenance. 

Don’t Leave Maintenance Jobs Too Late

Regular car maintenance is always key to lowering repair costs in the long run. When you spot any damage or wear and tear, address it right away! It’s important that your vehicle be able to withstand regular use without getting worse due to various issues like brake pads wearing down which could lead to expensive repairs when disc problems arise later on.

Save Money on Parts

If you want to shop around for the parts your mechanic needs, you may be able to get a better price and save some money. Check sites like MyCar.Repair.com. We have many parts that are higher quality and have better pricing than at shops or mechanics. You can take these to your mechanic or try to use them and do it yourself at home.

If you are not very experienced and are not sure what questions to ask, that’s where we can also help you. Always ask your mechanic to put in your own parts, and you can confidently say they come from MyCarRepair. 

Shops often use lower grade oils and parts with a high price tag on them, buying your own high-quality ones will save you, money and ensure your car gets the best parts.

Do It Yourself

Choosing to DIY is the ultimate way to save money on car repairs and maintenance.  Understandably, you might feel uncomfortable about getting under the hood and performing specific tasks on your own. If you need the proper motivation, the amount of money you save on labour costs can be significant.

P.S. (If it’s covered by warranty, don’t take anything apart. After the warranty has expired there won’t be any reason not to do work yourself-and you might save some money in parts!)

We have a few videos and blogs on our site that cover these topics and can help you to see how it is done. This could really save you a lot of money on maintenance and you can learn some new skills as well. 


Saving money on your car maintenance by taking a few things into your own hands. It doesn’t have to be complicated like changing everything on your own. You can buy better quality parts at cheaper prices and take them to your mechanic and let them replace them and you only pay for the labour costs.

You could also do it yourself and save a ton of money. With great parts available from stores like MyCarRepair you can get the best quality for your car and have it running like new for as long as possible.

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