Mercedes Won’t Start Not Battery: Troubleshooting Guide

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Are you having the problem that your Mercedes won’t start? Do you experience no start issues for Mercedes-Benz? Keys will not spin? Engine turns on and the car won’t start? Perhaps it starts again a second later but dies. This is a standard Mercedes starter problem. These steps are intended to give you the most accurate advice in dealing with Mercedes-Benz no-start problems. Although troubleshooting can be done with your own hands in some cases, it is possible to perform multiple tests to prevent repair charges. For your Mercedes to start there have been many requirements which include:

Mercedes-Benz Start Failure Troubleshooting Guide

A common problem in automobile life is that the car does not start. It is often necessary to go to a shop, but it is possible to carry out various tests yourself and determine the problem. Here’s a list of common places to look check on a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes won't go into drive? Check the condition and voltage of your battery.

Verify That Battery Is Fully Charged

This seems obvious, but old batteries cause many headaches and can cause various mechanical issues in some Mercedes cars. How old are the batteries of your Mercedes? Although some users have spent over ten years with the battery, the battery can now be upgraded to 6 or 7 years after the battery’s original battery is replaced. If you’re having trouble removing old batteries, you should replace them. The battery will cost you a few pounds, and you can also use this car battery to recharge your car. These batteries are less costly than those purchased at dealer stores. We offer high-quality Mercedes-Benz Banner batteries suited for your needs.

Mercedes-Benz Gear stick
Automatic gear shift of a car

Check Gear Selector / Brake Light Switch

Brake lights are a common issue that often fails in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This means the vehicle cannot start unless the brake lights are not working correctly. Sometimes there are instances where there will be problems with the parking car. Transmission problems have been reported on many models from Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately, looking at brake light switches turning off while pressing on brake pads does not provide an effective test of brake light switches functioning properly. The brake lights switch is equipped with two micro-switch inside that regulate the brake lights. Additionally, if the gear indicator on the instrument cluster does not change from letters P to R to N when shifting from Park to Reverse to Neutral, it suggests a defective gear selector module, which can prevent the car from starting.

Check Crankshaft position sensor – Crank No Start

When crankshafts are damaged or faulty, there may be a crank and start symptoms due to a failed crankshaft position sensor. The video below shows a Mercedes-Benz that refuses to start because of an incorrect crankshaft positioning indicator. When the motor crank position sensors fail, you will see the following symptoms in the video: In the picture, the Mercedes-Benz is turning but won’t start because of the failure of its crank position sensor. You’re not gonna be in a rush unless you have a panicked feeling. Replacing a steering sensor is simple and fairly inexpensive.

Check fuses and relays

Mercedes won’t start, and there are no batteries. You’ll need the vehicle fuse checked. If fuses have been tested on certain devices, they are important: starter, ignition, engine ignition, and pump. It may vary from model to model whether a certain circuit affects starting. If you’re not certain, you’ll need to check your fuse box to see if there is any burnout. Remember that the fuse is intended to prevent a system from malfunctioning. Replace the fuse with a similar fuse with Ampere ratings. Immediately afterward it is possible that the fuse will blow out. The digital multimeter will easily check the fuse without having it taken out.

Systems to check to troubleshoot a Mercedes-Benz Starting Issue

Other limitations may include ECM / PCM computer failures, electrical problems, faulty camshaft position detection devices, or the driver’s authorization device/immobilizer device.

Additionally, issues with the engine control unit can also prevent the engine from starting.

Mercedes won’t start – Fuel Problems

Does the motor turn on? We’d like to avoid the fuel system problem, starting with checking the fuel filter to ensure it is not old and clogged. Additionally, verify that the gas tank is not empty, as this could prevent the engine from turning over.

Troubleshooting fuel-related issues can be done easily. The fuel level is easily measured. This test requires fuel pressure gauges. It is necessary if your fuel pressure gauge has a Schrader valve adapter. The most efficient gauge that we’ve used before is the Actron fuel pressure gauge for Mercedes-Benz cars. Turn the engine off and link the gauges into the Schrader valve tester connector shown in the image below. Start the vehicle with an area of 60 psi.

hand holding an old and new spark plug
Holding old and new car spark plugs on engine

Ignition System, Spark plugs/Coils – Mercedes starts then dies

The second reason why the vehicle Mercedes won’t start is the speed of the engine. The fuel and then spark are present. Tests of sparks are very straightforward when using InLine Spark Tester software. Obviously, these are relatively inexpensive and are an excellent tool for checking sparks. The spark plug boot is removed from the starter sockets. Install this program in the following way. Start driving the vehicle and make sure there is an electrical tester in the vehicle. Learn our DIY guide to replacing your spark plug.

Starter Motor Problems – Mercedes won’t turn over

If a starter is defective there’s no chance of turning the motor. Please inspect your starter. Often a damaged starter will explode a fuse that protects the starter. Another option for you is using rubber hammers a lot more often than usual. Based on your starter problem, Mercedes won’t start the starter may still work several times. Even when the starter starts, consider removing it as the machine’s lifespan ends. When evaluating starter problems you should read about: How can you replace starters of Mercedes.

Electronic Ignition System

The car may not be operating on a smart key because of a driver authorization system failure. The newer keys feature transponders. Remote keys serve both purposes. First, it disables when your door unlocks. Second, Drive Authority Systems verify the keys so the vehicle can be started. If the lock is not on, the following scenarios can occur: The battery is completely or partially charged. It does not allow electronic ignitions to work. Always ensure there has not been any battery damage.

Other Possible Problems – Mercedes won’t start not battery

There are many reasons for the Mercedes-Benz to stop working. When turning the key to position II, check the dash lights to diagnose potential issues. If you check the above you are doing well. This last step requires an advanced diagnosis to be performed. The recommended scanner is the Autel D7008 – Professional Scanner which works with all types of machines. When you plug the OBD-II scanner into the OBD-II port of the car you will be able to scan several components for the cause of the problem. List of the things that may stop a Benz’s motor from starting.

Regular Maintenance

For addressing common starting issues with Mercedes-Benz vehicles, several Liqui Moly products can be highly effective. Here are some recommended options:

  • Injection Cleaner: This product helps remove deposits on injection valves, intake valves, spark plugs, and in the combustion chamber. It prevents new deposits from forming, thereby improving starting performance and ensuring smoother engine operation. Regular use can maintain all components of the gasoline injection system and protect the fuel system against corrosion​.
  • Engine Flush: Before an oil change, using Liqui Moly’s Engine Flush can help clean out the engine internals. It removes deposits and sludge, which can improve the efficiency of the oil circulation, thus aiding in smoother startups​.
  • Ceratec: This oil additive contains ceramic compounds that reduce friction and wear. Adding Ceratec to your engine oil can make the engine run more smoothly and quietly, potentially resolving minor issues that affect starting​.
  • Fuel System Cleaner: Specifically designed to clean the entire fuel system, including injectors, this product can eliminate starting problems caused by fuel system deposits. It’s particularly useful for vehicles that may have been sitting unused for a period.

Using these products as part of regular maintenance can help ensure that your Mercedes-Benz starts reliably and runs smoothly. For detailed information and purchasing options, you can visit

Troubleshooting The Problem

It is possible to use simple problem-shooting to find out if your Mercedes won’t start. Lastly, try changing the vehicle’s brakes and reversing your Mercedes to neutral by pushing the brake pedal first. Start your car! If that’s not possible, place your car in a parking space and attempt again. I’d be surprised. If all the advice above isn’t working, you will need road assistance to get to the service center.

Check Engine Fault Codes

When a Mercedes-Benz starts to die there are other ways to find the correct fault codes for this. The iCarsoft MB2 or Launchcreader XI+ will be the only way to retrieve fault code. They can also extract fault codes for TUC, SRS, ESP, ETS, AAS, and other control devices in a single scan. How can I get faulty data from a Mercedes?

Top Mercedes Won’t Start Problems

No Start. The motor dies right after the start. The car is turned on but it won’t start. The car makes clicking sounds but your Mercedes won’t start.

Fuel Pump

I think most people are shocked by drivers’ lack of fuel. Some drivers try to save fuel but sometimes get caught in short supply. Sort out why your Mercedes won’t start, Fuel problems may even result in engine cranks not starting when you’re using improperly fueled or contaminated fuel. When a fuse blows it will stop fuel injections. Similarly, unless the fuel pumps fail, your car cannot transfer fuel from gas tanks onto fuel injection devices.


When you have your starting engine running slowly, your ignition system won’t start. There will never be a spark to burn it out. Often these kinds of problems result from cranking engines that make strange noises. Unless this problem can not be solved, it can lead to engine failure.

Security System

Generally speaking, your Mercedes-Benz is more recent and has more advanced security features. The system is meant to help prevent your ignition systems from working when a car has been stolen.


The motor is slowed, but the wheels never turn, you’ll have a battery failure. When the batteries are low or if the terminals are damaged they can cause problems with the power supply.

Sensor Malfunctions

Your car depends upon a two-sensor system to start the engine. When the sensor fails, the engine will stop working. The same applies to the throttle position sensors.

We hope that you found this blog helpful and that we were able to give you some solid car advice. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out and remember to keep an eye on our blog page as we post new blogs regularly.

Electric and Hybrid Mercedes-Benz Troubleshooting

With the shift to electric and hybrid models, Mercedes-Benz owners face new starting issues. Key areas to check include:

  • Battery Management System (BMS): Ensures safe battery operation. A detected issue can prevent starting.
  • Electric Drive Unit: Software glitches or physical problems can hinder startups.
  • High Voltage Battery: Essential for starting; check the state of charge.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Ensure compatible fast chargers to avoid issues.

Staying informed on recalls and updates is crucial. Consult a specialist for advanced diagnostics To get why Mercedes won’t start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why my Mercedes won’t start?

Issues could include battery problems, gear selector issues, faulty crankshaft position sensors, fuse and relay issues, ignition system problems, or fuel-related problems.

How can I check if the battery is the issue?

Ensure the battery is fully charged and replace old batteries.

What should I do if the gear selector or brake light switch is faulty?

Check and replace faulty gear selectors or brake light switches as they can prevent the car from starting.

How do I troubleshoot the crankshaft position sensor?

If the engine cranks but doesn’t start, it could be due to a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Replacing it is simple and inexpensive.

What are common fuse and relay issues?

Check fuses related to the starter, ignition, engine, and fuel pump. Replace any burnt-out fuses.

How do I address fuel problems?

Use a fuel pressure gauge to check the fuel level and ensure the fuel pump is functioning properly.

What should I do if there are ignition system problems?

Check spark plugs and coils, ensuring they are in good condition, and replace them if necessary.

What if my electric or hybrid Mercedes won’t start?

Check the Battery Management System, Electric Drive Unit, and high-voltage battery for issues.

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