Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Use a catalytic converter cleaner to unclog your catalytic converter and improve your performance. Buy it at MyCar.Repair now.

Mercedes Servicing Plan

Mercedes Servicing Plan consists of the Mercedes A Service and Mercedes B Service

Learn why the right Mercedes Servicing plan is essential to keeping your car running smoothly and maintaining its value when you want to sell it

What is the Mercedes A Service?

Mercedes A service includes a few more steps than an oil change and should be done according the the recommended service interval

Everything you need to know about the standard Mercedes A Service which will appear on your dashboard at regular intervals

Porsche Servicing Costs

Porsche servicing with LIQUI MOLY products on the engine

A comprehensive guide to Porsche servicing costs in the UK with useful tips to help you save money

Audi A3 Service Guide

An Audi A3 outside a garage photographed from behind

Our Audi A3 service guide provides you with all the service information you need for your Audi A3 and links to our carefully curated Audi A3 oil change sets