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What is an airflow sensor?

Find out what an airflow sensor is, how it works and its importance in your car’s engine. MyCar.Repair UK provides you with the knowledge you need.

What are Low SAPS Engine Oils?

What are LOW SAPS Engine Oils?

Learn about Low-SAPS engine oils and how they can benefit your vehicle. MyCar.Repair UK explains the advantages and when to use Low-SAPS oils.

What is Mercedes 229.51 oil?


Discover what Mercedes 229.51 oil is, its properties and the types of vehicles that uses it. MyCar.Repair UK provides you with all the information you need.

5W40 Engine Oil

5W40 engine oil is the right oil for a large range of cars with high engine heat or sport engines

Master the ins and outs of 5W40 engine oil with MyCar.Repair’s expert guide

10W40 Engine Oil

10W40 engine oil is suitable for older or high mileage engines and commercial vehicles with diesel engine

10W40 engine oil is a multigrade engine oil built made for diesel engines read if it is suitable for your car

5W30 Engine Oil

5W30 engine oil is used by the majority of European and Asian car manufacturers

Learn why 5W30 engine oil is one of the most popular multigrade engine oils

0W20 Engine Oil

Special Tec LR 0W20 engine oil from LIQUI MOLY is designed for Land Rover vehicles

Understand everything you need to know about 0W20 multigrade engine oil in this helpful article

0W30 Engine Oil

0W30 Multigrade engine oils can be confusing even for an expert. Read this blog to untangle the mess and find it if they are right for your car!