Common Problems For High Milage Diesel Audi Q5 And Q7

This article talks about some of the common problems for high milage diesel Audi Q5 and Q7 and issues related to fuel systems, exhausts, and pistons.

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If you have a diesel Audi Q5 or a Q7, then you know they are high-end luxury vehicles. The problem is that these cars require more maintenance as mileage increases. Today we will go through some of the common problems for your higher mileage Audi and how to fix them. If you take care of your Audi, it will look after you. Owners across all forums report few issues and a high number passing the 100k mark with their cars in almost new condition. Many Q5 and Q7 drivers have reported getting over 200,000 miles out of them. If you can regularly maintain it and keep an eye out for other bits, then your car will keep going where it needs to. Some of these common problems are…

Fuel System Issues

Owners reported they started hearing a popping noise and thought it came from the trunk area. They also said sometimes after fuelling up at gas stations, their car would not start right away even though there were no apparent problems beforehand. The check engine light would come on, resulting in trouble diagnostic codes of P2404 and P0441. These show a pressurisation problem, which is why there’s a popping noise. It’s from air filling the fuel tank and then being released to test the system.  When the old, worn-out valve no longer closes properly, it prevents any pressure from being able to build up in your car’s gas tank. Replacing this crucial component will fix all of those issues and make sure you can finally go on with starting again like normal.

Ignition Coil Pack and Spark Plug Failure

The Audi and Volkswagen engine is a complex machine that has been around for decades. The ignition coils bring voltage from the battery, which transforms it into high-intensity sparks needed by spark plugs in order to start combustion within an internal combustion process. Without functioning coil packs or plugs there would be no way of turning this great design into motion.  It’s a good idea to check your spark plugs and coil packs every 60,000 miles or when they tell you to. They may fail from normal wear-and-tear, but the more common reason is because of modifications done in an engine. They made factory originals for standard engines at rest – not ones running modification. Replacing them will solve your problems and ensure you get a longer life span out of your engine. If the engine has been modified, then new aftermarket coil packs and plugs will need to be bought for the car.

Blue Smoke At Exhaust

With high-mileage cars, worn-out piston rings are most often the cause of blue smoke. Each piston in the engine compresses air and fuel mixture before it’s fired by the spark plug. The gap between the cylinder wall and piston is so tiny that you can’t get a piece of paper in-between them. On top of this, they wrapped the piston rings around it for an even tighter fit – they keep oil out of the Q5 and Q7 combustion chamber.  When the piston rings fail, oil passes through them and into your engine’s combustion chamber. A piston ring replacement is not too difficult for a mechanic to do, and not too costly as well. We recommend changing it out if you are having blue smoke or there might be bigger problems later. 

To Wrap It Up

We know Audi vehicles for their high-quality and luxury, but like any machine, they’re not immune to problems. If you’re driving one of the most popular luxury SUV models on the market, chances are that it will eventually need some form of maintenance. By doing regular services and checking out these common problems, you can get a long life of happiness out of your Audi Q5 or Q7. We hope you’ve found this article about the common problems for High Mileage Audi Q5 and Q7 helpful. Stay tuned to our blog for more interesting articles, or contact us if we can be of any help to you!

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