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The Porsche Cayenne is an incredibly popular sports utility vehicle. Since its launch, the sports utility vehicle has found itself in the sights of many car buyers. Though it’s not for everyone, there are plenty of features to love about this outstanding SUV.

Everywhere you look people are buying the Porsche Cayenne, either brand new or used. It’s easy to see why; it’s a great car that drives beautifully and looks attractive too. What’s more it’s great value for money, especially when compared to other similar high end performance SUVs such as the BMW X5 or Mercedes G class.

If you’re in the market for a Porsche Cayenne and are a tech-savvy buyer, you’ll want to check out this buyer’s guide. Here, we highlight some of the technological features that come included with this high-performance sport utility vehicle. We also offer our recommendation on what package is best for you.

If you are interested in owning a Porsche, be sure to read our guide on the Porsche service costs so you can understand the costs of maintaining your dream car once you have it.

The Porsche Cayenne

The value of a Porsche Cayenne is hard to ignore. It’s the most expensive car in its class. If you’re looking for a luxury SUV, the Cayenne is certainly one of the best options out there. Alongside quality and performance, it also offers impressive power and all-wheel drive capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Power isn’t just reserved for the road, either. The Cayenne offers plenty of pep when you need it too. It can do 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds, while still maintaining impressive fuel efficiency, which means you’ll be able to get around town with ease as well as go on long trips with relative ease.

The Porsche Cayenne has many great features to love, including its interior space. The rear seats are designed for adults, not small children, with enough room for adults to stretch out. There are also plenty of cup holders, so you don’t have to stop drinking once you’re driving.

The Porsche Cayenne has a lot of safety features as well. The all-wheel drive system is an excellent choice for those looking to get around in bad weather or during inclement conditions. The traction control system helps keep the vehicle on track

Other Top Features The Porsche SUVs

there are several features and benefits that should keep you interested in this model.

Some of these include:

  • Good gas mileage. The Porsche Cayenne gets favorable gas mileage. Though it is not quite as efficient as some other SUVs, it is still one of the most fuel-efficient models on the market.

  • Good acceleration. Though it may not be the fastest SUV in the world, its acceleration is still among the top of its class. It can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just over six seconds, which helps it get out of its own way in traffic situations.

  • Excellent handling. This vehicle has impressive handling characteristics. It leans into turns effectively, which allows it to take a curve at high speed without needing to slow down too much.

  • Good visibility. It has an excellent field of vision, which helps it to see where it’s going at all times. Though many SUVs sacrifice visibility for size, the Cayenne provides excellent visibility with its rear-view mirror and exterior mirrors that give the driver unobstructed signals from behind.

Origin Of The Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a vehicle with a long and rich history. The Porsche Cayenne was first introduced in 2002, with the second generation being released in 2010. The newest model, the 3rd generation, was released in 2016.

First Generation Porsche Cayenne

The first-generation model was produced from 2002 to 2007 and arrived on the scene with a high level of style. It had a truck-like appearance, with a flat hood, sloping windows, and a tailgate. The exterior was available in black or silver, while the interior was available in tan or black leather.

Second Generation Porsche Cayenne

The second-generation Porsche Cayenne did away with the boxy styling and debuted in 2008 as a more conventional SUV. Its lines were smoother and more elegant, with a longer hood, bigger wheels and tires, redesigned rear lights, and chrome bumpers.

Third Generation Porsche Cayenne

The third-generation Porsche Cayenne is currently in production. Although it looks like an upscale crossover, it is an SUV made for rough terrain. It features all-wheel drive and off-road tires designed to handle challenging terrains like sand or snow. Its engines include four-cylinder turbo diesel models and V8 petrols. A V6 Turbo Diesel engine produces 276 horsepower and 461 lb.-ft. of torque; a V8 diesel makes 405 horsepower; a V8 petrol has 526 horsepower and 627 lb.-ft.

What Are People Saying About Porsche Cayenne?

When you’re looking for a new car, you want to know as much as possible about it before you make your decision. When you’re looking for a new credit card, you want to know as much about the card as possible before you sign on the dotted line.

The same principles apply here: You want to know what people are saying about Porsche Cayenne, be it good things or bad. On one end of the spectrum, there are the happy owners who love their cars and can’t imagine ever driving anything else. On the other end are owners who have had a string of problems with their cars and wonder why they ever bought one in the first place.

Fortunately, this type of information is available online through reviews — both good and bad — on sites like Consumer Reports, Edmunds or TheCarConnection.com.

You need to be careful when evaluating these sites though, because there are a few people out there posing as experts who may not tell it like it is but only report positive news about brands that pay them for each review they post.

As with other types of information, however, use common sense here and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet just because it sounds too good to be true.

What To look For When Buying Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a luxury SUV that was first introduced in 2004. The original Cayenne, which was based on the Volkswagen Touareg platform, was developed in Europe and then shipped to the United States for production.

Today there are three models of the Cayenne available: The Cayenne S, the Cayenne Turbo and the Panamera. Each model offers different levels of performance and features.

Price Tag Of Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne has a base price of $56,900; this is about $4,700 less than the Range Rover Sport and about $4,700 more than the BMW X3.

Like most sport utility vehicles, the Cayenne has a relatively low starting price, so you won’t spend much money on it up front.

However, because it’s expensive to maintain (even by SUV standards), you’ll probably end up spending more on maintenance than you did on your car, so it’s important to start with a loan that includes enough down payment to cover three or four years’ worth of payments.

The New Porsche Cayenne

Thankfully, the latest generation of Cayennes has a much more powerful engine than its predecessor. For the first time in the car’s history, it is offered with a turbocharged six-cylinder — a 2.9-liter V6 that develops 295 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. That makes it more powerful than the previous models, which were powered by a smaller 3.6-liter V6. The Cayenne also delivers improved fuel economy and features new styling that blends in more smoothly with other models in the Porsche lineup.

But perhaps the most important improvement on this latest iteration of the Porsche Cayenne is available infotainment system, which uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for compatibility with smart phones and tablets. It’s also been redesigned to improve functionality and reliability.

Consider the following factors when you’re buying a Porsche:

Porsche offers a wide range of body styles and cabin configurations, which means there’s likely to be one that fits your needs perfectly. The best way to find out which type is right for you is to do some research. What kind of riding does your lifestyle involve? Do you have high-performance goals? How about style? Are you looking for a sedan or a sports car with more room inside? Once you know what type of vehicle you’re after, take a look at the latest model lineup to see what’s available.

Once you’ve determined the model of your choice, start looking at used models by Porsche dealerships, or on websites and forums like eBay. Take special note of how the car handles (is it responsive or sluggish?) and how it looks (how many miles are on it?). If it’s in pristine condition and set up exactly how you want it, consider going through with the purchase.

Any other packages or special Porsche Cayenne

There’s also a Sport Chrono package that adds sporty features like paddle shifters and sport-tuned suspension settings to give drivers even more control over the car’s performance.

Wrap Up Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne is an exceptional sports utility vehicle with no shortage of features and capabilities. In fact, you can drive on a highway or take it off-roading. You don’t have to compromise function for style either. The Porsche Cayenne blends an attractive design with excellent performance and as with any product there are a few drawbacks to watch for. Though expensive, this SUV is worth every penny.

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