About mycar.repair

About mycar.repair

Mycar.repair was not born overnight. We are a group of people that deal with cars in our personal life with great passion and in our professional life with great precision. Among us are car workshop managers, car dealers, fleet managers, car rental and leasing fleet operators and aftermarket product retailers. Over the years we exchanged knowledge, transferred new found best practice models and united parts of our purchasing. We all aim to improve the maintenance of our cars for our clients and our own fleets. By uniting our purchasing and skills we improved our fleet maintenance and customer satisfaction a lot. We did not aim at cutting the costs of every item we purchase but focused only on reducing the overall fleet maintenance and operating costs while improving the fleet reliability and performance. Thousands of products were tested in various cars in various conditions and we identified those that perform really well. As a result a lot less breakdowns and parts replacements were needed.

We did not want to keep these good results and improvements only to us but believe that with making them available to everyone, everyone including us will benefit. This decision was the start of mycar.repair and now everyone - no matter if you own one or thousands of cars - can benefit from it by booking a customized and optimized maintenance plan for a car.

Our technical experts will select the best products for your car’s maintenance needs and with our combined purchasing you will benefit from huge savings.

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